Things you didn’t know about nuru massage!

Things you didn’t know about nuru massage!

Over the last ten to 20 years, Nuru massage has gained huge popularity in the Western world. This adult massage is often dubbed the sexiest massage of them all – and it’s not hard to see why. The service is seductive, soothing and sexy, taking the receiver to a blissful seventh heaven as you share a sensual and intimate experience with a gorgeous masseuse in her naked glory. While we understand Nuru to have really made its mark in the erotic  adult massage world, there are things we still don’t know about the bodywork. So here we are with six facts about Nuru.

It originates in Japan’s red light district

Compared to other sought erotic massages, Nuru is a relatively modern concept and originates from Japan in the 1950s. During this period, the Japanese Government decided to clamp down on the country’s sex work and decided to make prostitution illegal. This left the once thriving red light district’s in the cities majorly declining and empty. However, many of the workers found a gap in the system, to sell massage with extra erotic elements.  This is when Nuru was born. The sexy massage flourished in popularity with the locals, expats and tourists in the city. British men visiting Tokyo began to develop a taste for Nuru massage, which made a demand for the service in the UK explode. Because of this, many Japanese therapists have moved to London to showcase the wonders of Nuru massage. Now, it’s one of the most popular adult bodyworks on offer in Britain and especially with our parlour.

It doesn’t use massage oil

Unlike most massages, Nuru doesn’t use massage oil. Instead it is replaced by a special Nori gel comprised of seaweed elements based on Nori seaweed. The formula creates a super slippery base which is perfect for the therapist to slide and grind her sensational assets all along the receiver’s body leading to enhanced sensations.  Nuru uses similar strokes as a body to body massage, but instead of being limited to the therapist’s hands, mouth and forearms; she will get down and dirty with nearly every area of her body. Yes, the therapists are not afraid to the get their perky breasts and bouncy booties involved in the massage too. The Nori gel ensures that the client and the masseuse do not endure any friction and instead enjoy the sensual intensity of the strokes as the massage progresses.  Nuru opens up a new can of incredible sensations to the receiver. And best of all Nuru gel is easy to clean with a quick shower so can even be enjoyed on your lunch break.

Nuru can include sex or a happy ending!

As Nuru is a speciality massage many are left unsure if it includes sex, but the answer is yes! (Unless you request otherwise) Nuru is regarded as one of the sexiest forms of foreplay there is. When performing the strokes, the therapist (and her flawless features) moves closer and closer to the male erogenous zones, sending waves of euphoric pleasure as they progress through the session. At this point, it’s only natural for the client to be hungry for sex. Most Nuru massages are offered with the full service, which comprises not only of the naked massage, but also hand relief, oral and penetration too. If it’s your first time booking Nuru or fancy something more tame then look no further than happy ending, which includes the naked massage and hand relief. All wrapped up into the perfect package with a naughty yet talented masseuse.

You have to be over 18


Did you know since nuru massage is a adult massage with adult play you must be over the age of 18 this is a strict policy with our parlour and if you look under 21 ID will be needed.




It can be performed by more than one masseuse (4 hands)

Nuru is perceived as the massage you need to include on your bucket list. So, why would you want to limit the fun with just one masseuse when you can enjoy the company of two? Most adult massage parlours offer clients to indulge in four hands which is aimed to achieved every person’s wildest fantasy and more. To begin, the therapists will perform soothing Nuru techniques in unison, before symmetrically working down your body to get closer and closer to your manhood. What happens next is up to you.  Four hands massage not only comes with double the trouble, but also comprises of double the benefits. Find out more about our 4 hands massage service here

It has many health benefits both mentally and physically

Not only does Nuru massage feel amazing, but it does do wonders for your physical and mental health too – which allow you to feel 10 years younger every time you enjoy the therapy and helps reduce both inflammation and cortisol. We would go as far as saying Nuru is an important part of health maintenance.  Some health benefits include:

  • Decreases aches and pains in a natural way
  • Improved posture and flexibly
  • Enhanced sexual stamina
  • Stress relief and helps reduce anxiety
  • Improved mind-set

So, we hope we’ve taught you a thing (or two) about Nuru massage If you need any more information about our Nuru service please visit our Nuru Massage London service page. Feel free to experience Nuru yourself at our parlours across Central London. Alternatively, we offer the service for outcall across the capital city. For details of pricing and availability please contact our 24 hour hotline today: 02031891731