Take yourself on a Nuru massage health retreat!

Take yourself on a Nuru massage health retreat!

Fix your health with a Nuru Massage

With flight prices rising and budget airlines such as Thomas Cook going bust, the hope of travelling across the world to a tropical land of culture, great food and beautiful women might seem unattainable to many of us in today’s economic state.

However, it is not all doom and gloom when you are from a city such as vibrant London. We may not have sandy beaches or breath-taking mountain regions, but we are jam-packed with multicultural and diverse streets, with no same area quite the same.

So instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a flight to a different continent, we offer you our special Nuru massage experience, where you can get a free taste of the Far East right here in the heart of London!

If you are feeling stressed, tired poorly then a Nuru massage retreat that is packed full of health benefits is more attainable than you think.

A “Nuru massage” is a massage style that is used in many Asian erotic massage parlours. Although it originates from Japan, it has grown in popularity across the world over the last number of decades, particularly here in the U.K. It uses unique techniques to bring the customer new levels of pleasure and relieve, and it is fair to say there is no other massage quite like it.

The word “Nuru” loosely translates to “slippery,” which is very fitting as it describes exactly what the masseuse will be doing whilst the customer lies back and relaxes. The intimacy of a Nuru massage is highly arousing; however, it also has many health benefits for you. So although it can bring you intense levels of pleasure, it can also help restore your mind and body into a healthy state.

Benefits of Nuru massage;


Good for your skin

– A special type of gel is used for a Nuru massage which is known as “Nuru gel” or “Japanese gel.” The word “Nuru” translates to “slippery” which is very fitting considering the nature of the session. The gel is highly beneficial for your skin as not only does it help the masseuse move around your body easier, but it also leaves you glowing. Nuru gel contains many health supplements and natural extracts of the highest quality such as grape seed extract and Nori seaweed.  These are quite hard to get a hold of which is why we import them directly from Japan, therefore you receive a truly authentic Nuru massage session. Nuru gel is transparent and odourless therefore it is suitable to use on sensitive skin and your intimate areas. If you suffer from skin conditions such as dry skin or eczema, then Nuru massage therapy may help you ditch your blemishes and provide you with clearer skin.



– Like any other style of massage therapy, a Nuru massage is a great way to help your mental health. It is calming and soothing nature helps put your body and mind into a state of relaxation which can really help combat feelings of stress or anxiety. We understand that your hectic workload or busy schedule disables you from having some wind-downtime which can really have its toll on your physical and mental state, which is why we are here to help.

Physical pain

– Due to the body to body technique, the masseuse uses throughout a Nuru massage, your whole body is reached, including any areas of muscle pain or tension. The masseuse will use her physique to slip and slide over your whole body and you will feel high levels of relief throughout your session. Once your session is over you will automatically feel lighter and more able-bodied than before. If you have tension in your neck or back, or perhaps a sports injury, Nuru massage therapy can help.


– You may be surprised to learn that Nuru massage therapy is known to help with low self-esteem issues and is great for teaching you to be comfortable in your own skin and appreciating your body. The masseuse will help boost your confidence as she passes no judgement on your appearance or body throughout the session. This will help you accept your flaws and own them.


How to book  your Nuru massage with us

It is very obvious to see all of the health benefits a Nuru massage can truly bring you both mentally and physically, all while you enjoy multiple orgasms… Want to enjoy true Nuru? Why not give us a call on 02031891731 or have a look at our Nuru massage in London service page for more info.