Nuru massage cured my eczema!

Nuru massage cured my eczema!

Jacques Ferns had been suffering from long-term eczema that was taking over his life when he suddenly found the cure… In a central London erotic massage parlour!

someone suffering from eczemaEver since I was a boy I had suffered from the dry itchiness that is eczema. However, as I got older it worsened and it really casted a shadow on my confidence and self-esteem. High school was a nightmare and I was a target for the bullies and a turn off for the girls. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without being repulsed by the crusty, irritated skin hanging off my face.

This continued into my adulthood and the happy, confident guy that I wanted to be was hidden behind a skin condition that made me feel like a freak of nature. This had a huge impact on my dating life and it made it extremely difficult to approach women in bars or nightclubs. I downloaded many dating apps where I was able to apply filters and edit my pictures so much that you could hardly see my bad skin and I looked unrecognizable. This false pretence made girls actually speak to me on Tinder and they agreed to go on dates with me. However, every time it came to the actually date and the girl seen what I really looked like, she fled. I mean I don’t blame them – I was a catfish.

Of course I am a guy and I have sexual needs and desires, but this can prove very difficult to relieve when nobody wants to have sex with you. This left me the option of paying for sex. I live in London and had heard about the amazing 5* erotic massage parlours where the sessions are performed by beautiful women from China, Japan and Korea. I was excited by the prospect of having a model-like woman as a companion and that they wouldn’t walk away from me like the girls in the club. It really felt as if we were acting out a scene from beauty and the beast.

However, the masseuse welcomed me with open arms and looked me in the eye rather than shifting her eyes all over my face, which automatically made me feel at ease. She was a young, slim and petite Japanese masseuse called Yuki and she was very professional, I could tell he had been trained to the highest of levels.

When she asked what service I wanted I was a bit anxious because I didn’t really know anything about erotic massages. She suggested that I had full service along with a special type of massage The constiatncy of Nuru gel as used in our London asian massagescalled Nuru which originated from her home country Japan. She told me she used special gel known as Nuru gel which was cool and very slippery and that it would help her naked body glide all over mine. Nuru gel is meant to help with a lot of things such as bad circulation and also erectile dysfunction; however I had no idea that it would have such a positive impact on my severe eczema. The service was extremely exhilarating and arousing, she made me feel very special and wanted and of course in no time I began to climax. I was allowed to do so twice and I felt extremely relaxed and relieved afterwards.

It was around two days after I had the service that I realised the nuru massage had helped clear up my skin hugely. I wasn’t sure if it was the gel, or the body contact or simply both of them combined. People started to ask me what I’d done to help it; of course I didn’t want to reveal the real answer. I decided to go back to the massage parlour in central London to visit Yuki and after a few sessions my eczema was completely gone. I could not believe. For the first time in my life I felt confident, happy and handsome.


I started going to nightclubs with my friends and girls came to me and actually came home with me. I was allowed to be the person I was meant to be for the first time in my life and it felt great. Therefore, if you struggle with any skin conditions then I highly suggest that you visit an erotic massage parlour in central London and ask for a Japanese Nuru massage. Not only do they help the skin condition like it did for me, they are highly sensual and enjoyable and allow you to rediscover yourself and really enjoy sex.

I have kept a close relationship with Yuki and although I do not visit the massage parlour as much because I am confident enough to meet girls by myself, I will always be very thankful towards the beautiful Asian masseuse who changed my life. If you are looking for the same treatment in London and feel a Nuru massage is right for you have a look at our London based Asian massage page or call us on 02031891731