What has two arms is slippery and sexy and sure to drive with WILD?

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What has two arms is slippery and sexy and sure to drive with WILD?

What has two arms is slippery and sexy and sure to drive with WILD? Nuru massage of course!

And what is Nuru you ask? Nuru massage is the most popular Japanese erotic massage to be practiced all over the world. Its popularity is due to the total uniqueness of the style. No other massage style is comparable to nuru, it is an experience unlike any other. The massage was invented Nuru massage was invented in Kawasaki City, Japan in 1968. The inventor, an erotic masseuse herself, a women only known of ‘Miss Hamada’, witnessed the use of ‘nori’ – a type of seaweed used by the wealthy in Japan as a body scrub in the public baths- and saw how the unique properties of ‘nori’; its ability to be both sticky and slippery simultaneously would make an excellent base for a new erotic massage style.  Hamada’s hunch was right. The sticky, slippery nature of what later became known as ‘Nuru gel’ creates an intensely pleasurable and naughty lubrication. Traditionally Nuru massage involves both parties becoming full undressed; the masseuse will then massage her client, using the nuru gel. Once the client is sticky and slippery all over and their muscles are relaxed and free of tensions the masseuse will mount the client and in turn also becomes covered in the sticky delicate substance. The masseuse will then proceed to perform a sexy authentic body to body massage on the client, using all of her assets (bosom, buttocks etc.) to give the client an erotic massage experience they won’t forget.

And why is it so much better than other styles? There’s no saying which erotic massage style is the perfect one for you, how could we determine that? Truthfully I’d recommend you try a bunch of different styles to discover which one suits your preferences. Getting an erotic massage treatment is an excellent way to discover more about your own sexual needs and to explore sexual fantasies. Many people suffer from repressed sexual feelings; this can leave them feeling resentful towards their life partner, knowing that it is partly that commitment they have made, this union of monogamy that has restricted their exploration of self.  So instead of telling you about how nuru massage is ‘better’ than other styles I will simply say this; nuru massage is really a life changing experience- and that is something you cannot say about other erotic massage styles. So enjoy exploring your prostate, give lingam a go! But don’t forget that nuru really is the erotic massage style that exploded on to the scene.

What should you do to prepare for a nuru massage? First thing I’d say is this; Relax. After that, whatever else is really quite minor- but worth doing nonetheless- Don’t have a big meal before your session, if you do you might fine you are too bloated to fully get down and dirty with your masseuse, in fact you may even need to go to the toilet- wasting time in the session to have a number two is never what you want. Similarly even though you might be nervous do not drink alchol before your massage. Rest assured your masseuse will put you at ease, you do not need dutch courage! Drinking alcohol before your nuru session may again leave you feeling bloated but it will also absolutely make you need to pee at some point. Holding in urine whilst being massaged is very difficult! The masseuse will relax your entire body to the brink of ecstasy- holding in a wee will distract you from this.

FAQ about getting Nuru

Nuru is quite a messy massage style; will I be able to go on my lunch break?

The good thing about nuru is that a bit of soap clears it straight off the skin. In fact the mineral properties in nuru gel actually refresh and revitalise your skin. Leaving you glowing. I don’t see why you couldn’t go for a nuru massage on your lunch break- In fact any refutable parlour will have shower facilities so you will be able to return to work clean as a daisy and happy as clam!


I’ve heard nuru gel is expensive, is nuru massage a costly one to get?

Nuru is a premium massage style, which does make it a more expensive option than say your standard body to body massage however that isn’t to say nuru massage is a style that only the privileged few can afford. Due to the current spike in popularity, shipments of nuru gel are imported from Japan to London in vast amounts- making the cost of nuru lower than you might think. Right now you can get an hour long authentic Nuru massage at (insert website) with a happy ending for £150, or you can get an hour long nuru massage with full service (including sex and oral) for £190.

Can nuru gel irritate sensitive skin?

On the contrary! Nuru gel has been proven to improve the appearance of redness, dryness and irritated skin. So if you do suffer from skin imperfections- nuru massage wouldn’t be a bad idea!

So… next time you’re in London town be sure to get yourself the massage of your wildest fantasies- Nuru massage. If you are in London you are in for a treat as we offer the best Asian Nuru massage the city has to offer! for both incall and outcall have a look at our Asian Nuru massage service page for more information.