Nuru Massage; heard of it?

Nuru Massage; heard of it?

Nuru massage is one of the most revolutionary erotic massage styles to have been introduced to the UK market and if you are yet to sample it for yourself let me be the first to welcome you in to the wonderful slippery sensual massage that is Nuru.

Now a little background on Nuru to start with…

Nuru Massage was actually invented not too long ago in the depth of Eastern Japan. In the 1980’s a praised and popular erotic masseuse, known only as Miss Hamada, was at a communal bathing pool (which is common in Japanese culture, that being that general members of the community will go to public baths to bathe, wash and converse.) Miss Hamada witnessed how a lot of the more well to do gentry bathing in the pool were using a new and expensive body scrub to clean them-selves. This scrub was nuru gel; and it’s consistency fascinated Miss Hamada. It fascinated her because nuru gel, which is made up mostly of a particular breed of Japanese seaweed called ‘nori’, has the rather strange consistency of being both sticky and slippery at the same time.

This wonderful sticky slippery substance, Miss Hamada thought, would be the perfect base for a new erotic massage style. Over the coming years Miss Hamada would practice and develop the nuru massage until it became so popular amongst her community that word spread and other erotic masseuses requested Miss Hamada’s assistance in teaching this marvel to them.

Flash forward almost fourty years and now Nuru massage is one of the most popular massage styles in the world. What started as a little experiment in a small Japanese town has spread all over the world- even to our parlour in Marylebone. Here in London you can get an authentic nuru massage delivered by Japanese nuru specialist masseuses. Some of our girls were actually trained by Miss Hamada’s daughter Opal at the prestigious Japanese massage academy.

Now if you have absolutely no idea what a nuru massage is then I could explain it to you in a step by step guide however, doing that will not give you the feeling of excitement that actually getting a nuru massage can deliver. This is why instead of going through it with you I have decided to rope in the assistance of some of our regular clients. By getting genuine first-hand accounts by people that have experienced this massage style in order to give you a clearer understanding of how getting a nuru massage will really feel.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Neil, 42, Businessman, East London.

I got my first nuru massage this year actually. It was something totally new to me, I had never even heard of it before. Now I’m hearing about it everywhere- it’s definitely a massage style that is becoming more and more popular. What was it like? Oh it’s amazing, there’s no question about it. I for one am not someone who is typically that comfortable with anything, ah how would you say.. kinky? Like I’m pretty vanilla, I’ll put my hands up. But getting nuru changed all that. It made sex so much more exciting and delivered ultimate results. By that I mean the slow build and sticky sweet coating that brought us both intimately closer and allowed my masseuse to easily grind up and down my body really sent some fireworks off in my pants. I felt like a teenagers again. The sensations of tingling all over my body and the best part? The massage style is so intricate and all encompassing that afterwards it felt like I’d gone through some emotionally enriching journey. I felt recharged, energised and full of positive energy. Can’t beat it.

Clive, 36, Fitness instructor, Richmond.

Nuru massage helped me deal with a lot of stuff I didn’t even realise I needed to deal with. I’ve heard a few guys say that nuru massage made sex fun for them again and I think I definitely fall in to that category.  I had some trouble as a young boy in regard to sex, I won’t go in to it but I think it definitely scarred me in the sense that it gave me a skewered version of sex. I’ve always had to have quite heavy, intense sex- with bondage etc. involved. Over times this has led to the breakdown of relationships and led to me feeling a little bit ‘bad’- if that makes sense? Trying nuru was a totally enlightening experience in that I had a whale of a time and it had no bad feelings associated to it

I felt like I was reborn- it filled me with this feeling of happiness that combined with sex allowed me to orgasm without shame. Over the next coming months I went several times and each time felt like a therapy session. Know I am in a stable relationship and my fears regarding sex have completely gone. I’m healthy, happy and more my self- and it’s all thanks to nuru massage.


So if you would like to try nuru now is your chance!

We are open 10am until 3am everyday- even weekends. So when you have time for nuru, we’ve got time for you! Incall AND Outcall. We have Nuru Massage in London available. Why not call us on 02031891731 to speak to our friendly reception team.