Treat yourself with Self-care this Christmas

Treat yourself with Self-care this Christmas

Looking after yourself this Christmas

Although Christmas is a magical time of the year, we can’t ignore the fact that for many people it comes with a decline in our physical and emotional well-being.

With more socialising, spending, eating, and less sleeping it comes as no surprise that we are eventually met with a burnout. Not to mention, the change in weather, dark evenings and cold air has an impact on both our physical and mental health.

So when your body is feeling at its last legs and your mind is tired, weary and stressed it is important that you practice different methods of self-care to ensure that these feelings don’t take an even more negative decline.

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can take care of yourself over the festive period to ensure your mind and body stay happy & healthy; the way Christmas should be spent!

  • Routine 

Having a routine in our lives helps us to be more productive and make use of the time we have, as well as helping us manage our feelings better. Simple routines like reading a chapter from your favourite book before you sleep, having a green tea as soon as you wake up, meditating or journaling can make a huge difference to your day.

  • Going for a walk 

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind and get your body going. London can be a very busy and hectic place but if you focus on all the great things around you it can be a very magical place at Christmas.

  • Eat good 

It is extremely hard to not overindulge when it comes to food during the holidays when there are mince pies, chocolate and cheese boards galore wherever you go.

  • Nap

Having a mid-day or early evening nap is a great way for you to restore energy, especially if you are being overworked or experiencing exhaustion.

  • Exercise in a group 

Exercise is great for both your body and mind but can be quite isolating and hard to make a part of your daily routine if you are doing it alone. Ditch the solo training and join a team sport or running group, not only does it allow to you exercise but you can also socialise in a healthy way too.

  • Go social media-free

Social media can be very damaging for our mental health, body confidence and self-esteem. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook are every fabricated and can make us feel negative about our own lives and achievements, but we must remember that most people use them as a highlight reel and it is very rare we get to see “real” or “bad” moments in people’s lives online. Ditching social media or limiting yourself to 1 hour a day can really help you mentally and is a great form of self-care, especially in today’s society when online platforms have such an impact on us.

  • Be grateful 

Even when we are going through a tough time it is important to remember of those less fortunate than us as it can give us some perspective on life and remind us of everything we have rather than what we do not have.

  • Pamper yourself 

We all need a little pamper day to make ourselves feel better now and again. Get a new haircut, go to the sauna, get a spray tan, get your nails done. Buy a new outfit that makes you feel great… If you are happy with your appearance it might have a huge impact on how you feel inside!

  • Spend time with your loved ones 

Spending time with close friends and family can be very beneficial to your well-being as we feel comfortable and safe around those we trust. Spending time with your friends and family at Christmas will help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  • Buy a new sex toy 

What better way to treat yourself with something very the festive period than to buy yourself a new sex toy! Self-pleasure and solo sex is important as they help us define our boundaries, explore our own bodies and find out what works best for us.

  • Get an erotic massage 

Much like more traditional forms of therapeutic massage therapy, erotic massages have huge benefits for both your mental and physical state.

How about an erotic massage to make you feel great?

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