Slowly does it – the only way to perform an erotic massage

Somone geting the best erotic massage in london

Slowly does it – the only way to perform an erotic massage

Spontaneous massages are a common foreplay go-to within the bedroom and can really set the scene for a thrilling frisk. However, if not performed correctly the massage will be more of a bland vanilla than a mouth-watering hot spice. The key to the ultimate erotic massage is build-up, slowly teasing your partner to a point of no return. To find out how to give the ultimate massage you need to read on…

Have a bath together beforehand A chinese erotic bath massage in london

Steamy fun is the best way to kick-start an erotic experience. Your partner will appreciate nothing more than returning from a long day to a hot soapy bath and yourself waiting for them. A soothing soak warms the muscles for the seductive bodywork. To make the bathing experience extra special be sure to add aromatherapy oils. Lavender, rose and chamomile have powerful stress-busting properties which allow the body and mind to switch-off ready for the massage.

A bath together is a great starter to introduce the skin-to-skin contact. Maybe drizzle your partner in soap, before rubbing into their skin – but don’t get too carried away. Remember an erotic massage is a marathon, not a sprint – there are plenty of sensual surprises to come for your partner.

Avoid rushing into anything too sexual

As soon as you’ve taken the massage to the bedroom the urge to touch your partner’s most intimate areas will probably be next level – but resist. The art of massage is to tease and tantalise your partner with gradual strokes, ensuring not an inch of the body is missed. To make the experience spine-tinglingly erotic, be sure to build things up slowly – this intensifies the blissful pleasure, allowing them to crave more and more.

Apply oil to the skin and aim to give them a good thorough massage, using strokes inspired from the classic style. Rub their shoulders and down their arms, before kneading their lower back and calf muscles. This allows their body to enter a deep state of serenity.

As you warm your partner up physically, you may want to tease them mentally as well. Maybe trail your fingertips across their skin as you whisper into their ear how much you worship their physique and how much you love caressing their body.

Increase the anticipation with teasing strokes

Someone getting an erotic massage in fulhamBy this point your partner will be exceptionally turned on, so it’s time to push down on the accelerator. Delicately use your fingertips to draw down their chest to the sexual zones. Here you can use what is known as an ‘edging’ technique. To perform ‘edging’ you should trail your hands down your partner’s body. As you reach closer to their most intimate region you should move your fingertips back to the top of their chest. Repeat this at least three times, gradually transitioning closer and closer to their most sensitive area to intensify the anticipation. If performed correctly, their sexual organs will be crying out for attention.

A wave of euphoric pleasure will be released as you gently caress, trail and stroke their most intimate areas. If you follow these steps, you will lead your partner into a flurry of overwhelming orgasms. You always need to remember to not rush the experience, as this only weakens the intensity of your partner’s release.

Though an erotic massage is a perfect starter to sex, do not expect intercourse from your partner. The slow and soothing strokes of the bodywork can sometimes be so powerfully relaxing that physically engaging in sex can undo the unwinding benefits. But if intercourse is on the cards then ker-ching! Whatever the outcome is from the massage, it’s guaranteed to build the bond, fun and intimacy with your partner. If you really want to get in their good books then a teasing erotic massage is the best place to start…


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