What is Tantric massage therapy

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What is Tantric massage therapy

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What is Tantric massage therapy

You may have heard of Tantra, but did you know that there is a massage style that uses many techniques from this ancient practice, but also explores traditional massage techniques? A common misconception of Tantric massage is that it’s exactly the same as Tantra- but this isn’t accurate. Whilst Tantric massage is spiritual like Tantra, it explores other avenues that Tantra does not. Ultimately however, it is a moving and powerful massage style that could potentially change your life- if you let it!

Celebrities and Tantric Massage

Would you be surprised to hear that some celebrities practice tantric massage? Well, it’s the truth, and you’ll be gobsmacked to hear how many huge names swear by this archaic practice. It was in the 1990’s when singer/songwriter, Sting, made some throw away comments about seven-hour-long tantric sex sessions. Since then, he has openly discussed his involvement in Tantric massage, but hasn’t been alone in his hobbies. Other massive celebs such as Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson are even on board- so if the celebs can have their fun, so can you!

What to expect from a Tantric massage

Every practitioner has their own approach to Tantric massage, meaning each and every experience tends to be unique. However, most masseuses kick the massage off with a quick chat. But why is talking part of the massage? That makes no sense? Well, it’s simple. Tantric practice isn’t just about pleasing the body; it’s also about satisfying the mind and spirit. Talking to your masseuse and explaining your general situation allows the two of you to work together. Learning of your stresses, the physical needs of your body and your mental strain could help your practitioner to tailor the massage to your individual needs- and that is one of the basis of tantric massage- it is unique for every person.

The importance of breathing

Breathing is just one of the many elements of tantric massage that helps people to gain the most from their experience. Certain breathing techniques bring more energy to the body, and allow individuals to connect more with their mind, body and soul. Controlled breathing is one of the main components of relaxation; something that is essential to this style. Achieving euphoric relaxation is the main goal of this massage. It helps people to identify physical and mental tensions, and therefore enables them to address and discard negative feelings and emotions. Ultimately, tantric massage uses spiritual practice to manipulate the physical nature of the body.

Sexual stimulation

People who are new to tantric practice tend to categorise erotic styles as sleazy and distasteful. In today’s society, sex is often represented as purely physical activity that requires little emotional connection. However, this isn’t the case at all. Tantric massage incorporates sexual stimulation because it is necessary to achieve the ultimate ‘release’. As we have discussed briefly in the above paragraph, the mind and body are closely linked and therefore depend on one another for holistic balance. For example, stress isn’t necessarily a bi-product of a time-consuming job or a busy lifestyle; it’s often a swelling need for sexual release. Tantric massage addresses all areas of tension, and therefore helps people to achieve an all-round satisfaction.


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Tantric massage for couples

Energy isn’t a stagnant; it is free-flowing and can even be passed between people. Tantric massage is especially popular amongst couples because it’s an incredible way to reconnect on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. During single tantric massages, energy flows through the body like a lazy-river; looping around time and time again. However, energy in couples massages weaves through both bodies as if they were one; connecting both participants on a more spiritual level. It could:

  • Help you and your partner to explore new sexual avenues
  • Allow you to reconnect mentally, spiritually and physically with your partner
  • Mend any tension between you
  • Help you understand your partners body more
  • Help you gain some confidence in your body


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