The secret history of Tantric massage and why you should get one

The secret history of Tantric massage and why you should get one

If you love to be teased, tantalised and insanely turned on then a Tantric massage has your name written all over it. The massage has been prominent in many erotic massage parlours for centuries, with there being no sign of it declining anytime soon. But what makes Tantric massage so special?

It is rich in history

Over the last century, erotic massage has flourished after many governments around the world began to become stricter on prostitution. Because of this, many sex workers began to offer erotic massage as a way of selling their services. However, Tantric massage has a secret, deeper history than the standard erotic massage. Many are not aware of its Hindu roots dating back to thousands of years ago. This makes it one of the oldest forms of massage across the globe.

The ancient Indians were very fond of meditation and were always looking for new ways to practice the activity. They began to look at how sweeping, kneading and manipulating of the receivers physique could harmonise the body, mind and soul for a deeper level of spirituality. And within doing this, Tantric massage was born.

The bodywork began to gain popularity across Asia as many practitioners began to recognise its medical benefits. However, it was when Tantric massage paved its way to the West it really came in to its own. Tantric massage is based on the ideology that Chi (harmful toxins) is blocked in the Sen lines within the body, which troubles mental and physical harmonisation. To unleash the Chi, massage has to be performed. Westerners soon realised a pattern of extreme Chi build up in the body’s erogenous zones and therefore hand-relief, oral and intercourse became new techniques to eliminate the harmful toxin. This is why Tantric massage is regarded as an intimate experience and is offered in many erotic massage parlours across Europe.

So why should you choose Tantric massage?

Compared to other sought adult massages, Tantric is much more unique in its history, ideology and techniques – meaning everyone should try the therapy at least once. The massage allows you to have a deeper understanding of your body and mind, as you begin to become fully aware of its capabilities and its limitations. Not only this, but Tantric massage also boasts a variation of benefits, with many doctors and medical practitioners deeming the massage as a ‘crucial part of health maintenance’ but how does Tantra boost your well-being?

It eliminates all of your stress

One of the most popular reasons for seeking massage is stress relief, whether it is caused by money worries, job concerns or relationship troubles. And Tantric massage is super effective for weakening the burden of stress. Soft, slow and sweeping movements along the receiver’s body are used which help eliminate the ‘stress hormone’ Cortisol from the body. In turn, the ‘feel good’ hormone Oxytocin is boosted, stimulating a more positive mind-set for the receiver.

It relieves your aches and pains

Struggle with the constant grinds of migraines, back pain or shoulder pain that won’t shift with painkillers? Then don’t panic, a Tantric massage will do just the trick. The sensual touch of a therapist’s dainty finger tips has been proven to trigger the rush of endorphins to the central nervous system. Endorphins are often informally known as the ‘body’s natural painkiller’ as they disguise the pain signals from entering the brain – hence the overwhelming relief. Many people often believe that sex to relieve headaches is an old wives tale – however, later research has proven it to be true. This is what makes Tantric massage the perfect remedy for relieving your dreaded aches and pains.

It burns the calories

We consider massage as a relaxing and unwinding experience, so you probably won’t believe it when we say it actually does shift the pounds. Studies have shown the average person to burn 67 calories in a 60 minutes soothing massage session. When the sensual elements are incorporated even more calories are burnt, with most men shifting more than 100 calories during sexual intercourse. Why Tantric massage probably won’t make you lose the dad-bod, it can make you feel less guilty for indulging into a chocolate bar on your lunch break.

Come and experience Tantric massage for yourself

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