I fell in love with my tantric masseuse

I fell in love with my tantric masseuse

Paul Hartley, 32 from Manchester had given up on love and relationships when he unexpectedly met the love of his life… His tantric massage therapist!

I had married my childhood sweetheart when we were both only nineteen and we had our whole lives planned out ahead of us. We bought a lovely two bedroom house in North Manchester which was right next to her parents. She worked in the local cotton factory and I worked as a police man for GMP service. We had always planned on having a family together, hoping for one boy and one girl, so when Julie found out she was pregnant so naturally I was over the moon.

However as the months went by, Julie became very distant throughout her pregnancy, which I just put it down to pregnancy hormones. She became irritated by my presence and I would only have to breathe for her to be angry with me. During the last few weeks before the baby was born she moved a few doors down into her parents house as things were not going great between us and I had no idea why. It was when the little baby boy I had been so looking forward to was born that everything made sense. His dark, curly hair and brown skin contrasted with my ginger hair and pale, freckly complexion – Julie had been having an affair.

I was devastated and my life turned to grey. I began to resent women and my respect for them slowly began to fade away. I moved down to London as I could not stand being in the same city as Julie, every woman I looked at became her and I became enraged with anger. My life in London became no better, I was in and out of jobs, I had severe drinking problems and any relationship I had was toxic and abusive and that was mainly down to me. My life was truly spiralling out of control and falling down the gutter.

I would stumble into brothels when I was drunk, disrespecting the women there and seeing them as nothing more than an item. However, one night this changed forever and I finally found my purpose once again. I stumbled into what I thought was a brothel, but it wasn’t liked the others and the girls weren’t the same. It was warm, clean and welcoming and the women were dressed professionally and extremely beautiful. They asked me to take a seat in the reception area and brought me a glass of water and provided me with a brochure of their services. I was very confused but it was when I read “Asian tantric massage services in central London” I realised I wasn’t in one of the back alley brothels I usually visited, this place felt like heaven and all the girls looked like Asian masseuses.

I quickly skimmed my eyes through the brochure and a beautiful Japanese masseuse called Lola who specialised in tantric massage caught my eye. I requested her A beautiful Japanese masseuseand before I knew it she came out of the room wearing a beautiful, white sheer dress with small white heels… a true oriental Goddess! She revealed a bright smile which made her dark brown eyes crinkle at the side. She held her dainty hand out and guided me into a private room with dimmed lights and sensual music. Although I was very nervous it felt as if I knew Lola and our eye contact made a deep connection between us.

She undressed me and then allowed me to watch as she undressed, slowly showing me her slim physique and plump breasts. Of course I immediately became aroused and my disrespectful for women instantly left and I felt as if I wanted to worship this beautiful being standing before my eyes. She gestured me to lie down on the bed and she followed. I couldn’t resist so I took her in my arms and I began to passionately kiss her. She caressed her gentle fingers through my hair while I grabbed her toned bum, entwined in each other’s arms in a fury of passion and pleasure.

I lay down on my stomach while she massaged me, eliminating any stress or tension I had been feeling. She took things slow, soothingly… It felt so relaxing yet arousing. She then turned me around and mounted me while making deep eye contact and putting my penis inside her vagina. She was very tight and moist, that’s when I realised she was enjoying herself too. She started off steadily, feeling every inch of my penis on the walls of her luscious vagina. Then she began to bounce from frequently while making the sexiest moaning noises, it was like music to my ears.  While we both climaxed in unison, my hands groping her waists, her hands on my chest, I Knew from that moment on that Lola was the love of my life.

This amazing body to body experience was so tantric and erotic and made me the happiest I had been in almost over a decade. Flash forward 5 years and Lola and I are happily married, with a beautiful son. Lola changed my life and tantric massage is a beautiful thing that every man should experience.


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