Tantric Tales

Tantric Tales

With the winter months finally coming to a long-awaited end and the sun beginning to shine brightly throughout the U.K, it is hard not to feel in good spirits. However, for some people, it can be a little bit more difficult to shake off the winter blues. Luckily for you, we have various massage parlours across central London that offer tantric and erotic massage parlours that can help ease you into the sweet, spring lifestyle…

What is a tantric massage?

A Tantric massage is a unique and special type of massage therapy that is based around using energy to create a calm, relaxing and soothing experience for the client. When performing a tantric massage you should get into the mindset that you are the giver and your partner is the receiver and whatever you are offering them you are happy to do so without anything in return. A tantric massage has the aim to please and pleasure you, mentally, physically and emotionally as well as saving you from feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression and stress. You will enter a state of total relaxation that has a long-lasting effect on you long after you have finished your massage.

I talked with some of our most popular clients who regularly receive tantric massage therapy to get the low down on exactly why they choose to have this service

Dennis, 46; “I have always been quite a nervous person and used to always let my anxiety get the better of me. This affected me in many different ways throughout my life, in particular when it Amy a Tantric erotic masssusecame to relationships and sex. I used to overthink everything to the point that it made it hard for me to trust anyone which in turn gave me severe issues with intimacy. I felt very lonely and isolated and although I really wanted to have a girlfriend and relationship like my other mates, it was something that was very hard for me to overcome. I decided that I would try tantric massage therapy because although it has sexual elements it is also a very spiritual experience that helps me to manage my anxiety. The massage therapist provides you with a full on body to body massage, using physical contact to expel any feelings of negativity and stress. It helps me to release in many different ways as well as learn to feel comfortable around someone else on such an intimate level. I think tantric massage can really help people who want to have a big change in their life that is very positive.”

Rayan, 36; “If you are seeking an arousing yet meaningful experience, then a tantric massage is ideal for you. The masseuse focuses on every aspect of your being, not just pleasing you physically. I have always been incredibly open about my sexual side and to be honest I used to enjoy sex simply for the pleasure. That is still true to a certain degree, however tantric massage therapy taught me to appreciate the emotional and mental sides of it and the benefits it can have for you. I always feel a lot more appreciative about myself and others close to me after I have a tantric massage and it helps me to focus on what is important in a calm and stress-free manner. Tantric massage therapy is extremely effective in many different ways and it is something that has changed my life quite drastically.”

If you are in the central London area and would like to experience our 5* rated tantric massage service then we are open daily from 10 am until 3 am. As well as tantric massage therapy, we also offer a wide range of different types of erotic massage services for you to choose from such as a happy ending massage, nuru massage, prostate massage and full-service massage. As well as incall services, we also provide outcall home visits. Therefore, if you would rather the masseuse visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then we can make this happen as long as you book in advance. Our beautiful, highly professional masseuses have been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia and have come to the U.K to please and pleasure you lovely gentlemen. Coming from China, Korea and Japan, you will get a true authentic oriental massage therapist who is an expert in Asian Tantric Massage London. Please call us on 02031891731