Tantric massage – the key to good work performance?

Tantric massage the key to good work performance?

Tantric massage – the key to good work performance?

The dark mornings, the ice-cold train platforms and the endless queue for a hot drink in Starbucks can make going to work more of a chore in winter compared to other seasons. However, if you’re struggling to find the motivation for work this January then look no further than a Tantric massage. It may seem a little out of the box, but it promises to be everything you to keep your work performance in tact during the drearier months.

Boosts your mind-set

To be successful, you need to have a positive mind-set. However, leaving your toasty warm bed during the winter months can suddenly turn your good mood into a bad one, before even leaving the house. This is where Tantric massage can help you out. The long sensational glides of Tantric massage helps you to climax to the finest orgasm of your life. When you finally reach the point of no return, not only will you indulge into waves of euphoria but oxytocin will also be released. Oxytocin is informally known by doctors as the ‘happy hormone’ as they erase negative thoughts and tremendously help to uplift the mood. This will make you more motivated to tackle whatever work throws at you that particular day.

Eliminates your stresses

Returning to work after the winter’s break can leave you saturated with stress. It’s important to beat the stresses before it affects you on the job front. Tantric massage is a popular treatment for relieving stress – so just how does it work? Well, when we are stressed cortisol builds in all areas of our body (including the erogenous zones) The therapist will begin to stroke out the cortisol from your less sensitive areas before working on your more intimate zones. The most powerful cortisol reliever is orgasm– so if you’re able to reach a point of no return then the more stresswill be taken away. You’ll feel a whole weight off your shoulders and more motivated than ever before.

Takes away your work pains and niggles

If you’re sat upright in an office chair for more than eight hours day its likely tension will build in your neck, back and shoulders. This will only lead to one thing, aches and pains. Though the box of paracetamol you keep in the chest of drawers will provide you some relief, it won’t be enough to stop your niggles from becoming onset again and again – which is likely to hinder your work performance. However, you don’t need to suffer in silence as Tantric massage help. Massage stimulates the rush of endorphins, which basically act as the body’s natural painkiller and mask the pain signals from entering the brain. This gives your niggles rewarding relief and means your working day doesn’t have to be affected.

Boosts your immune system

Winter is the most common time of the year to be ill, which can cause lots of inconvenience to your work schedule. It’s important to keep your immune system as strong as possible to limit how A man sleepingmany sick days you may have to take. As well as healthy eating and vitamin tablets, your immune system can be boosted by Tantric massage. Massage increases the amount of white blood cells within your body, which are vital components at fighting off illness before it becomes onset. A soothing Tantric rubdown also boosts the oxygen flow and triggers a rich blood flow to all of your body’s organs. This all works at keeping your immune system as fit and healthy as it possibly can be.

Enhances your sleep

It’s pretty impossible to have good work performance without enough sleep. If you’re struggling to get your eight hours in a night then this is where Tantric massage can help. Scientists have recognised that those who sleep for longer have higher levels of serotonin within their body. However, don’t worry if you naturally lack the chemical, as massage naturally boosts the amount of serotonin within your body. Massage is of course tremendously relaxing and unwinding, so a Tantric treatment before you hit the hay will never go a miss to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Book a Tantric massage to boost your work performance

If you’re a local London businessmen or find yourself here from overseas then why not book a Tantric massage with us to boost your work performance this Winter? We have various locations operating in Central London (including the business district, Canary Wharf).  Here you can kick-start your working day with a she-bang, have some on your lunch break or a treat after a long day at the office. We can also deliver outcall massage to your office door – on the condition you have your own private workspace! We can’t wait to spruce up your January and your days at work.

Lucky for you we offer our Asian Tantric massage London service. Everyday from 10:00AM till 3AM. So if you want to boost your work perfomance call us today on 02031891731 and speak to our reception team who will be happy to help you out.