Seven things you need in your ultimate Tantra toolkit

Seven things you need in your ultimate Tantra toolkit

Let’s be honest, we all love to treat our partners to a relaxing massage every once in a while. However, while a few neck rubs and backstrokes can make them feel great, nothing compares to a Tantric massage. A Tantric massage is seductive, sexy and soothing. It is designed to make time stop and for the receiver to fully switch off from their daily grinds as they achieve the highest point of euphoric bliss. This is what makes Tantric massage the perfect treat for your partner’s birthday, your anniversary or a celebration of some sort. Thinking of wooing your loved one with a Tantric massage? Well, follow our ultimate toolkit to nail your first Tantric massage.

What you might need for your Tantra massage toolkit

  • Free house

Tantric massage is an ultra-intimate experience and requires zero disturbances. This is why a free house is an absolute essential when performing the bodywork. The last thing you need is hearing your housemate grunt at the TV when you’re getting down and dirty with your lady. Kick everyone out of the house, put your phones to one side and indulge in every romantic moment between you and your partner.

  • Massage oil

It might be obvious, but good massage oil is a MUST for Tantric massage. It makes every stroke run smoothly and is sure to make your partner’s body extra tingly. Do make sure you stock up on plenty of oil and are generous with how much you lather onto your loved one’s physique. The more oil you use, the more effortless every slide and grind will be. Another bonus tip is to warm the oil with your hands before drizzling onto your partner’s skin. Not doing this will leave your partner shivering for all the wrong reasons.



  • Towels

Massage oil (and you and your partner’s love juices) are likely to go everywhere when conducting a Tantric massage. So do make sure you are prepared, with a copious amount of towels. If you can, we advise you to use dark towels which minimise the risk of staining. Not only do towels prevent mess, but they can also be used to warm your partner’s body until the particular area is ready to be attended to.


Cushions / pillows

As mentioned before, massage oil can be a little sticky and messy, so it’s best to not perform Tantric massage on a bed or a sofa (unless you have an old sheet to cover them with) Instead, cushions and pillows can provide the perfect makeshift Tantra setting. Performing Tantric massage does involve a lot of kneeling, so make sure you save one for yourself to prop your knees on. Then the tantalising stage is yours!




  • Aroma candles

Tantric massage is designed to immerse your loved one into a world of tranquillity, with aroma candles helping to do this. Our personal favourites are lavender, chamomile and vanilla, which ooze with relaxing and romantic properties. Dim the lighting and place your aroma candles around the room, before inviting your partner to indulge into the wonders of Tantric massage.


  • Romantic playlist

While phones, laptops and other forms of technology should be put in another room during a Tantric massage, we do advise you find a romantic playlist which is always guaranteed to set a passionate mood. Our personal favourite is some gentle R&B which is sure to make her want to take off all her clothes from the get-go. Another top tip is to find a playlist which will last the entire duration of your Tantric massage. Getting up to change the music mid-massage will only deflate the passion already achieved.



  • A hot bath

Enjoying a hot bath with your partner is the perfect Tantra finale. Not only does it give you more time to get jiggy with your girl, but it also is the perfect remedy for cooling down her muscles, just what she needs after her body has been manipulated on. A bonus tip is to add a lavender bubble bath, which maintains the relaxing energy which has been stimulated by the Tantric massage.

Want to try Tantric massage for yourself?

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