Sensual massage – The key to a happy married life

Sensual massage – The key to a happy married life

Are you married and feel like your sex-life taking the dip, hesitant to get naked in front of your partner or worried that they are going to cheat? Then don’t panic, allowing your husband to go for a sensual massage is the simple solution. While you may think we’re barking mad, we have all of the evidence that sensual massage is the key remedy to a happy marriage. We can’t wait to tell you more…

It’s only natural that over time the amount of times you and your partner get intimate will decrease. Surveys show that the average amount of sex a couple has decreases to less than twice a month after five years of marriage. There are many reasons that factor into this, maybe your partner wasn’t the stallion he once was, you might be fed up of the same routine or quite simply neither of you can be bothered. However, as sexperts we believe that intimacy is the most important component of a healthy and happy marriage. So, if you’re struggling with getting jiggy with your partner then a sensual massage maybe just the answer to spice up your sex life.

Sensual Massage boosts libido

Sensual massage has been used as part of sex therapy for centuries as a way of boosting libido and sex-drive. Sensual therapists are often referred to as romance teachers, as they are able to showcase new foreplay techniques and positions. After spending one hour at a sensual massage parlour your partner is guaranteed to be running home like an excited kid from school, desperate to showcase everything they’ve been taught on you. The more times they seek sensual massage, the more they’ll learn which ultimately means the more they’ll want to get hot under the covers with you. We perceive sensual massage as the rehearsal before the orgasmic performance with yours truly. You’re guaranteed to be wooed as your husband makes you feel like a naughty teenager again.

It relieves premature ejaculation and boosts sexual stamina

A man who has trouble with premature ejaculationDoes your husband suffer from lack of sexual stamina or premature ejaculation? Don’t worry, more than 50 per cent of over 50s is a victim of a type of penis problem, but sensual massage is here to help. Sensual masseuses boast high-expertise in a technique known as edging. To practice edging, the masseuse stimulates the male erogenous zones, before manoeuvring their hands to a less sensitive area of the body and then repeating the process. This builds the intensity and delays the orgasm, which teaches your husband all about his penis functions and its limits. This is guaranteed to give them the stamina of porn star. Well maybe not, but they’ll definitely be raring to give you a prolonged intimate experience. The more times they seek a sensual massage, the more stamina they’ll have in the bedroom – it really is that simple.

It teaches him about what feels good

If you’ve been married for years the chances are your partner might be a little rusty when it comes to what tickles your fancy in the bedroom. However, sensual therapists are here to teach him what feels good for the female body before practising it on you. Sensual massages are highly-skilled when it comes to the art of seduction and are sure to provide your husband with some elite-training at showing just how to get the female love juices flowing. If you have something you want him to spruce up on, why not suggest he incorporates it into his sensual massage? After all, it’s only the rehearsal before the real deal on you. You’ll be thanking us later!

It takes away his stresses

With age comes responsibility, which ultimately often means more stress. However, if you’re fed up of your partner taking work stress out on you then call the sensual massage doctors. Sensual massage has proven to eliminate the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol and tension from your partner. Which allows them to feel lighter, refreshed and have a better mindset to daily tasks. This will ultimately make your husband a much happier person to be around. And you know what they say? Happier people have more sex!

It’s no strings attached

One of the main worries in many marriages is cheating – however, we have strong evidence to suggest sensual massage is a deterrent from your partner doing the dirty. With sensual massage there are no strings attached, the therapists are there to act as romance teachers for your man and that only. Most of the time they won’t even know or even ask for your husband’s name! Always remember ladies, they are seeking sensual massage to benefit your relationship.

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