Reconnect With Yourself Through Sensual Massage

Reconnect With Yourself Through Sensual Massage

Millennials are the most overworked, stressed out, sleep deprived and occupied generation to exist. In an age where technology is constantly advancing, social media has grained itself deeply into society and culture. Although the internet has enabled us to connect with everyone and everything across the globe, from people, music, fashion and culture, we are a generation that seems to struggle with real human contact. I know I am not speaking merely on behalf of myself when I say that I feel slightly disconnected from the real world and from myself.

Recently many of our clients have been coming to us to find a way to feel a connection with someone, and in doing so have realised that this meant opening up to the idea of getting to know themselves. This can be a nerve-wracking ordeal for many people as sometimes it is easier to step outside of your own mind as it means you don’t have to address your anxieties and worries. Through sensual massage therapy, your therapist can ease you into a state of relaxation that helps you to combat any mental struggles you are experiencing as well as having the same effect on your body.

What is a sensual massage? Sensual massage therapy uses many of the same methods that are found in traditional therapeutic massages such as the Swedish and sports massage. The masseuse uses a body to body styled motion to rub against the customer’s body while both participants are fully naked. The intimacy of a sensual massage not only allows the masseuse to massage different areas of the body at the same time, but it also arouses the customer, giving the massage its sensual twist. A sensual massage is usually the base massage and you can apply extra massage styles on top of it, such as our “happy ending London service” or “full service.”

Why is a sensual massage relaxing? Much like traditional massage styles, a sensual massage increases your blood flow and improves circulation throughout your body. The calming An erotic sensual massuse performing a outcall massage in Londonmovement of the masseuse’s hands gliding over your body helps enter you into a state of relaxation as she rubs and caresses any muscle pain or tension that you might be experiencing. Sensual massages help to soothe all aspects of your mind, body and soul.

Does sensual massage therapy help me mentally? Sensual massage therapy is an ideal way to help free your mind of any stress or anxiety that you are experiencing. When you are being massaged your body releases endorphins that automatically make your mind feel more at ease, helping you to combat anxiety and depression.

Can sensual massage help with my confidence? In a day in age where Instagram is constantly making us hate ourselves for not conforming to the societal norms of what “pretty” or “good looking” is, we can feel very insecure in ourselves and about our appearance. Sensual massage therapy allows you to accept your body and appearance how it is and teaches you to love yourself. After a sensual massage session, you will feel more confident which will show in all aspects of your life from work, to socialising, relationships and friendships.

Does sensual massage therapy help with my sex life? One of the best things about sensual massage therapy is that it can teach you a lot about what you enjoy in the bedroom and it gives you the chance to explore your sexual side. Being intimate with someone should always feel good and you should always feel comfortable about what you are doing and sensual massage teaches you how to communicate in these instances.

If you are based in central London and would like to experience our 5* rated sensual massage therapy session then please contact us via SMS, email or by phone call. We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, with our phone line being open from 9.30 am. Not only do we have incall massage parlours, but we also offer outcall services to our customers. Therefore, if you would prefer for the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then please contact us in advance so we can send her for your desired time. 

As well as offering a sensual massage that can help you relax and reconnect with yourself, we also have many other massage styles and masseuse for you to choose from. 

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