What Sensual Massage Therapy Means to me

What Sensual Massage Therapy Means to me

Like many massages that have a more erotic nature, ‘Sensual Massage Therapy’ has always had quite a stigma attached to it due to its intimate ways and levels of pleasure it can bring you. Societal norms allow people to quickly judge those who choose to make use of services such as these, automatically assuming that they are purely for sexual gratification when I reality they are used by other people for many more reasons than this.

I decided to talk with three of our regular clients who find comfort, solace and happiness when receiving a sensual massage and to get the low down on why they mean so much more than pleasure or sexual gratification for them.

The people we interviewed and there take on things.

Edward, 62 – “sadly last year my wife of 40 years lost her battle with breast cancer. I met Mildred when we were both 17 and we got married a few years after that. Although she couldn’t conceiveA sensual masseuse working in west London children, we had many nephews and nieces who filled this void for us, and we had a very happy, loving and understanding marriage. When she passed away there was a period in which I felt very lonely and needed some companionship. I knew that I did not want to get into a new relationship and my body was too old and weak to engage in sexual activity, therefore I decided to go for a sensual massage. I was pleasantly surprised at how soothing and relaxing the massage was for not just my body but also my mind. The masseuse was very friendly and helpful which made me feel very much at ease. To some men, it might not be that much of a big deal visiting a massage parlour, but for me, it was a very new and nerve-wracking experience which is why I was grateful for their kindness. The masseuse asked me if I wanted to be fully naked or clothed and I decided that I would only wear my boxers, and this is how I felt comfortable and she was fine with that. She began to pour different gels and oils over my skin and gently began rubbing it into me with your hands in a slow and steady motion. She combatted any areas of tension I had in areas such as my neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and thighs which really helped with any muscle pain I was experiencing. I felt an overall sense of calmness and community, it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life and for the first time since my wife has passed away that I actually felt genuine joy. When I told my friends about my sensual massage they were concerned but when I explained to them how open and understanding my relationship with Mildred was and that she would be happy to see me living my life, they were very accepting of my choice. Sensual massage therapy really helped me to overcome the loneliness and isolation I felt as well as teaching me more about my body, mind and spirituality. I have become a lot more aware of many things in my life and I am very happy that I tried it.”

Luas, 26 – “I have always been quite a sexual person, however, it was always just the physical side I enjoyed rather than the emotional. Some people might not see any problems with this however it resulted in many of my relati0onships breaking down as my partner was hurt that I couldn’t make a stronger connection or bond with them. My last partner was somebody who I cared deeply about and it really put a strain on the relationship that I wasn’t able to transfer those feelings in a physical way. Every time we had sex she said she felt as if my mind wasn’t present and that it was just a physical thing for me. I decided that perhaps sensual massage therapy would help me to overcome this problem, therefore, I went to an Asian massage parlour to try one and it was the best decision I ever made. It taught me to connect my physical and emotional pleasure and that the two can really go well hand in hand and make things feel a lot more intense and better. I learned more about my body and mind and how they are connected and it taught me to be a more passionate lover. I now have a partner who compliments me on my sensuality and my overall sex life is much better.

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