The History of happy endings (and we don’t mean Disney!)

The History of happy endings (and we don’t mean Disney!)

Sex and massage go hand in hand. Many people use it as a way to get their partner in the mood, or to relax before doing the deed.  Some take it to the level a professional art, and that’s where we come in. Happy ending massages are popular across the globe, and are especially associated with Asia. Geisha houses in red light districts of Japan were a one-stop shop for these services, before legal crackdowns drove them underground.

Associated with beauty, elegance, and eroticism, geishas were highly trained performers and courtesans, who have become associated with Japanese art and culture. These women were the girls men would visit to see their fantasies played out, or simply to be given the VIP treatment of Geisha hospitality rituals. You can still find Geishas today, although fewer of them perform ‘extra services’. These girls were more than just sex workers, they were performers and artists, experts in providing company to men and making them feel like kings. Our girls are not so different!

It’s not just in the orient where eroticism is treated with art and ritual. In India, practices of Tantra have become notorious for their slow-building pleasure. Tantra is based on Hindu beliefs of the ‘chakras’ – energy centres in the body that can become imbalanced. Tantric massage focuses on the ‘lingam’ – the Sanskrit word for penis, which is worshipped as a ‘shaft of light’.Tantra is a slow building process, aimed are redirecting the flow of sexual energy. This deeply spiritual form of eroticism has become very popular among couples. It has become the first choice for those looking to treat sexual issues such as impotency or inability to orgasm. It’s perfect for couples, creating a deep sense of intimacy and sparking an explosive sexual chemistry.

Nuru massage is something for true connoisseurs. This practice originated in red light districts of Tokyo, starting of as something of an underground secret for frequenters of the parlours or a place offering happy ending massage in the uk‘soaplands’ of Japan. Nuru literally translates from ‘slippery’, and is a gel made from noari seaweed (the same used to make sushi) which creates a silky texture and an odourless, tasteless gel that doesn’t stain. It does, however, make a mess, so practitioners will use a special mattress or sheet to protect their surroundings. In this massage, girls use the gel to slide their naked body all over their client, creating a unique body to body massage. Nuru gel has become wildly popular for its properties, caring for the skin and leaving is soft and healthy.

Body to body massage has an even longer history. Romans were a very sexed-up bunch, and archaeologists constantly dig up vases, crockery, ornaments, and murals depicting sex acts and exaggerated genitallia.  To the ancient romans, a terracotta phallus or statues of naked gods and goddesses were so commonplace they have been dug up in bakeries and households. Here, body to body style massages flourished. Examples crop up in ancient Egypt too! The sensuality of massage has long been recognised, and with far-stretching empires came a multitude of techniques and practices. Body to body was an obvious choice, using newly discovered oils to create the conditions for a naked beauty to glide over the man in question.

The beauty of our parlours is we combine this long history of practises all in one place, so we’re a one-stop shop for all kinds of sexual massage styles. You’re sure to find a fully tailored experience with our girls, all trained in the art of erotic massage.


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