The many health benefits of happy ending massages

The many health benefits of happy ending massages

There are very obvious reasons to get a happy ending massage, but there may be many additional benefits you haven’t considered. This isn’t a sleazy and rushed sexual encounter, but a full massage with expertly built arousal, leading to an intense orgasm. The health benefits of that aspect alone are huge, but there are plenty of other aspects which will give you a spring in your step!

a man getting a happy ending massage in earls courtIt can help you lose weight

No really! Sex and orgasms burn a surprising amount of calories. Half an hour of sex can burn around 150, the equivalent of 15 minutes of cycling. Which sounds more fun to you? Our sessions are more relaxed, but we get your blood pumping and heart racing, which carries similar benefits to aerobic exercise.

It’s pain relief

An orgasm sends chemicals to your brain that heighten your sensitivity to touch but dull feelings of pain, unlike an anaesthetic. If you have stiff joints or suffer from headaches, a sexy encounter may provide you with some much needed relief, in a way that’s a lot more fun than taking a paracetamol! The soothing hands of our masseuses can be guided towards aches and pains, and soothe them in the same way any high-end masseuse would.

It’s stress relief – and can even prevent heart attacks!

Orgasm releases a surge of oxytocin, a hormone that fuels intimacy and reduces stress. Less stress means less strain on your heart. Heart attacks are a huge killer for men, so it’s important to look after your (second) most vital organ. Sexual release has also been linked to lower blood pressure, which plays a huge part in keeping you healthy.

It helps you sleep

It’s no coincidence that great sex is usually followed by great sleep. Oxytocin again plays a part in this, but the huge surge of endorphins you experience carries with it a sedative effect, relaxing you and helping carry you off into a great sleep. The fact that your orgasm is accompanied by an expert massage only helps; you are fully relaxed before and after, ensuring you will leave our parlour walking on air. If you struggle with insomnia, why not book a late night massage to ease your mind and body and send you drifting off into a heavenly sleep?

It helps with sexual problems and confidence

Sexual problems can be a big issue for busy men. Stress can lead to issues like impotency, premature ejaculation, and inability to orgasm.  Our masseuses are experts at soothing these issues, creating an extremely arousing experience with a slow build orgasm, where they say when you get your release! Tantric massage creates a blissful slow build of pleasure, leading up to the most intense orgasm of your life. And if your problem is stage fright, that’s exactly why we create such a relaxed environment! There is no pressure to perform, only to lie back and relax as professional masseuses do all the work for you.

The benefits don’t stop when you exit the parlour

There are a few ways to extend the pleasure and benefits of your massage. Our ladies always ensure you are cared for in the afterglow of your bliss, and do their utmost to extend the lingering feelings of pleasure. When your session is over, retreat into a calm environment. Maybe take a lie down or make yourself some tea. Have some water and maybe a healthy snack – just to top up your energy reserves. It might seem strange but it’s a bad idea to go to the gym straight after. Your muscles will be extremely relaxed after your session and getting them all worked up again can make them tense. It may be that the best thing for you to do is have a sleep! Or just breathe deeply and linger in the memory of your fabulous appointment.


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