Happy ending Q+A – nine of your burning questions answered by the biggest masseuse in the business

Happy ending Q+A – nine of your burning questions answered by the biggest masseuse in the business

Always wanted to try happy ending but your lack of knowledge about the tantalising treatment puts you off? Well you needn’t worry, high-class London therapist Suki Lui has been in the massaging business for years and is here for one day only to answer all of your burning questions…


  • How far do I book in advance? @Woodzy


Most happy ending masseuses often advise new and current clients to call on the day they would like the massage to book their appointment. Some only require 30 minutes notice before  your arrival at the parlour. Though it might be tempting, never just walk-in to a happy ending establishment. This will likely lead to you waiting around for your chosen therapist to become available, not what you need when you’re nursing first-time nerves.


  • ‘Do you have to be naked?’ @JamesH11


Most clients opt for themselves and the therapist to be naked from the start of a happy ending massage, as it usually maximises the pleasure of the sensational strokes. However, it’s not a must you have to be naked. We understand that it can be a little daunting coming for your first erotic massage, so the therapists are more than happy to undress you to your comfort level as the session progresses. Towels and sheets can be used to hide any areas you don’t want to be exposed.


  • ‘What should I do beforehand?’ @KitKatLad


I often recommend my clientele to do three things before they arrive for a happy ending appointment. Shower, have a light snack and drink plenty of water. Showering is essential as us therapists don’t want to be massaging your stinky body. Having a small snack and drinking water ensures you aren’t going to feel lightheaded as the session progresses. Although do avoid eating anything too stodgy or indulging on fizzy drinks, the last thing you want is a gassy stomach during a happy ending massage.


  • Do you have sex during a happy ending massage? @DaveJonesy


This is completely the preference of the client and of course, the masseuse. Though most therapists offer sex during their happy ending packages never just presume it’s something they do, you should always discuss your sensual preferences at the beginning of the appointment. Clients are always offered hand-relief as part of happy ending, but if you’re feeling a little more daring you can often add the naughty elements of oral and intercourse for a small extra charge. The intercourse can be slow and sexual or as raunchy and passionate as you want it to be.

  1. Do I have to wear a condom? @HarryHaven

Condoms are always worn during happy ending massage, however the clients can opt for ‘oral without’ for a small extra charge (usually £20). Its UK law that protection has to be always worn during the intercourse part, so if you’re looking for bareback happy ending massage isn’t for you.


  • How many times can I cum? @KyleHesk91


Again, this is at the discrection of the masseuse. However, most masseuses offer two happy endings during a one hour session. Of course, this will rise if you choose to add on extra time to your appointment.


  • Is there any discount on the price? @KikiMan


It’s an unwritten rule to never haggle the price of an erotic massage, this totally insults the masseuse and the amazing services they provide. After all, you wouldn’t barter the price of a meal at a restaurant or cost of a haircut at a barbers.  Of course, if you opt for copious extras, a few therapists and a longer massage running time the parlour may offer you some kind of deal. However, asking for a discount is plain rude.

  1. Do I tip? @Mark_Tiscali

Tipping is never automatically added to your massage cost, however of course, if you think the therapist has done an amazing job then tipping is always welcomed. As an erotic masseuse, you do remember the clients who tip well and always know to give them a good service every time they book. So it’s in your best interest to give a generous tip to maximise the pleasure of your service.


  • How often should I book happy ending massage? @TrevP


Again, this is the choice of the client. Happy ending massage not only fulfils your sexiest of needs, but it also indulges you into various health benefits too. These being reduced aches and pains, less stress and a more positive mind-set. Therefore, the more times you opt for happy ending the better your mental and physical well-being will be. I often suggest clients opt for happy ending on a fortnightly basis, however we understand that work and personal commitments can affect this.

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Now Suki Lui has answered everything there is to know why not take the plunge and book happy ending today? Suki Lui and her professional team of oriental masseuses work in the heart of Marylebone and can’t wait to tease and tantalise you from just £120 per hour. Call the English-speaking booking agents to find out more or even book yours today. 02031891731. You can also visit our Massage with Happy End London page for more info.