Till’ death do us part – My marriage with prostate massage

Till’ death do us part – My marriage with prostate massage

Till’ death do us part – My marriage with prostate massage

Ever since I have been a young guy, I have always had commitment issues. Perhaps this is due to my parents separating and getting a divorce when I was younger. I have never seen a healthy or steady relationship, and the one’s that I believed were going good l always ended, so I thought to myself “What’s the point?”

Now at the ripe age of thirty two, I have a good job, nice home and many friends… and I am also single and very happy. It annoys me when people think you have to be in a relationship for you to be competing or that being alone means you are lonely. That is the last thing I feel. I get to do what I want, whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about anybody else – true freedom!

Of course I do not disagree with relationship and I love to see my mates happy and loved up with their partners. Maybe if I met the right girl I would feel this way too. However, for now, I am 100% fully dedicated and committed to one thing only, and that is a prostate massage.

Yes, I know that might sound crazy to you but believe me it makes total sense. AS I am single and do not have one regular sexual partner I like to visit many of the local Asian massage parlours in and around central London not only for some relaxation but also for some sexual fun. I decided to go a few weeks ago and thought to myself that I would try something different. I scanned through the leaflet that the receptionist handed me and I came across a “prostate massage”. It sounded exciting so I tried it and it was the best decision I have ever made I my life. It felt amazing, it was exciting and adventurous. So, I have made a pack to myself that instead of being worried about being single and feeling pressured about getting into a serious relationship – I will fully commit myself to getting a prostate massage every week instead.

If you are unsure about what a prostate massage actually is or the benefits it has for you, let me break it down for you;

  • A prostate massage is a massage that focuses on the prostate gland. You can either do this by using your knuckles to knead gently on the perineum of the male, or by sticking your index finger into the rectum in a hook-like shape.
  • It has huge health benefits for you such as helping to prevent prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, performance endurance, urinary flow and prostatitis.
  • It feels amazing for men due to the male G-Spot being located in the anus.
  • It is extremely fun to try and can open many doors for your sex life. If you are willing to try a prostate massage and end up liking it then it may encourage you to try other sexual positions or things which you were maybe too nervous or apprehensive to try before-hand.
  • It gives your partner a chance to be adventurous and broaden their skills in the bedroom as they will be able to also learn more about your body and what feels good and what doesn’t. It is a very intimate thing to do which is why it is good to try with your partner or a masseuse who knows what they are doing. You will not be as nervous as you will know you are intrusted hands.
  • You can learn to be more in touch with your sexual side and not be ashamed of enjoying or liking things that other people may frown upon. Nobody should be made feel bad for their sexual desires or fantasies.
  • Prostate massages allow you to be totally yourself!

Many of my friends make fun of me due to my preferences, but I have the last laugh. While they are all having boring, vanilla sex with the same woman they have been having sex with for years my life is completely different. Each week I get to visit a new, beautiful Asian masseuse who has model-like features and has be professionally trained to pleasure me sexually. They love their profession and this can be seen throughout the session with them. It is intimate, caring, fun and adventurous and afterward I get to go home and enjoy my own company rather than dealing with all the problems of a committed relationship.

Like I said before, the only time I will ever be committed to something is when I am committed to a prostate massage! So if you are free and single and looking for that erotic prostate massage Then give us a call on 02031891731 We are open daily from 10:00AM till 3AM daily and have a wide range of beautiful Asian masseuses to pick from!