Breaking the Taboo – Prostate Massage is for Everyone

Breaking the Taboo – Prostate Massage is for Everyone

Prostate massage therapy is a unique and intimate massage therapy style that can be used both for medical reasons and for pleasure. Although we already know quite a bit about its medical side and the health benefits it can provide for men, it is quite a taboo topic when it comes to speaking about it for pleasure. Many people frown upon the idea that heterosexual men can enjoy a prostate massage or any sort of anal play. However, like most things, people are only wary of this because it is the unknown and they are not clued up or educated on the many sexual and pleasure benefits it can have and how it can truly elevate your sex life.

I decided to speak with some men who have said that prostate massage therapy for sexual benefits has changed their lives in many ways. Here is what you’re missing out on…

A beautiful Japanese prostate masseuse working in londonLucas “I was always quite anxious to not only try a prostate massage but to eve ask for any advice or information about it due to a fear of being judged. I had seen it being performed in porn before and I was always really intrigued as to what it would feel like but none of my male friends had mentioned it, therefore, I also decided to keep my interest masked. Ultimately it got to the point where my sex life was becoming quite boring and no matter how many new sexual partners I had, nothing could really bring me that much excitement anymore. Of course, I was still able to climax but it wasn’t with much enthusiasm and sex should never be like this. Therefore, I decided to go to an erotic massage parlour in central London where they had professionally trained, beautiful Asian masseuses. The fact that a few of the masseuses specialised in prostate massage made me feel automatically more at ease because they knew exactly what they were doing. When the massage therapists brought me into my own private room she assisted me with a soapy shower which helped me prepare for the massage as well as being very arousing for me. She then performed a full body to body naked massage on me, using her delicate hands to rub areas such as my shoulder, neck, lower and upper back. I felt huge senses of relief not only physically but also mentally. Her touch was very soothing and I felt very calmed and also turned on, which I had been struggling a lot with. She then motioned me to lie on my side and gently she began to insert her finger inside my anus in a hook-like shape and massage my prostate gland gently. She paid attention to my breathing and facial expressions and her speed and pressure changed with my reactions. I felt huge rushes of pleasure throughout my whole body and my penis was very erect which a surprise was as she had not even touched it. I was very surprised at the amount of sexual pleasure I was receiving and my body was experiencing simply due to a prostate massage. I orgasmed and it was very intense and lasted a lot longer than an orgasm from penis relief.”

William “As I am in my 60’s, people from my generation can be quite judgemental when it comes to trying new things and accepting that other people may do things differently than them. During my younger days I always wanted to try prostate massage therapy, but with people being very homophobic and believing that this sort of thing was not for heterosexual males, I was too scared to try it because I did not want people confusing my sexuality or thinking I am gay. Now I am older, carefree and wiser, this is not something I care about in the slightest and I must say it makes me feel very liberated. I decided to try a prostate massage for the first time at an erotic massage parlour because I knew that the massage therapists were highly trained to perform it correctly so that I would receive the maximum amount of pleasure.”

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