Looking to start 2019 off with an adventure? Try Prostate massage?

Looking to start 2019 off with an adventure? Try Prostate massage?

Why delude yourself in to thinking you are somehow enriching yourself or bettering your life by forking out thousands of pounds to travel. The reality of jet setting across the world is hot sweaty buses, long haul flights with your ears splitting in to a million shards, hotel rooms that look nothing like there pictures, jabs, queues, language barriers, and aimlessly wandering about feeling like a fly on the wall because really you have no purpose in being in any of these places other than that to ogle at the people who do live and work there. All that travelling does is put your life on hold. What you do need this 2019 is to get your life going, improve it in significant and positive ways. For any man looking to walk in to the New Year with a new lease of life I would whole heartedly recommended getting a prostate massage. Why you ask? Well besides the guaranteed levels of pleasure you will experience there is a much bigger, meaningful reason I suggest you should- and that my friend is so you can unlock the greatest gift this year can bring: sexual revolution.

Women have been experiencing a sexual revolution for many years with the introduction of clitoral play bringing intense orgasmic pleasure to females around the world. Men have not been so fortunate. The mystery of the male orgasm has been dispelled under the myth that the maximum pleasure a man can achieved is epitomised through the act of coming. This is incorrect; in actuality the pleasure of release is far from the intensity of pleasure experienced for males through massaging the prostate gland.

Many men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to explore what’s going on in the behind; this is understandable considering the general attitude towards the butt hole by mainstream society. This is a great shame and many are in the hope that 2019 will be the year that prostate play breaks in to the mainstream. Until then why not follow your own path and get a head start. Find below a series of accounts from genuine clients that have experienced the wonder of prostate massage at the erotic massage parlour I vacate for the service. These men have become good friends of mine through our shared experience of discovering the wonder of what lies in our prostate…

What some of our clients thought!

Kyle, 34.

What gets me is they just don’t tell you about it. Like what kind of sex education did I get thinking that the only sort of pleasure I can get is through ramming my dick (can I say that?) yea into some woman’s vagina, it’s all about the build-up- the building like of the pleasure, until it gets to the point of ecstatsy. I mean it’s like better than any drug you could take, any high you’ve ever experienced  before. Imagine the rush you’d get from winning a million quid or something like that- totally overwhelming. And with prostate massage it’s like that every time!

Kevin, 42.

I’d say it was like a switch, like  finding you have this special button that you never knew about. A button that relieves you of all stress, worry, a button that makes you feel instantly good and refreshed.  Now everytime a friend tells me they’re feeling down or if they just don’t seem them selves I joje that they oughta go and get a prostate massage. I say I joke but I do really mean it. If people knew it was this simple to feel good I think everyone would be getting prostate massage on the regular. Right now it feels like this little secret that only a handful of people know about, it’s crazy!

Oscar, 28.

For me exploring prostate massage didn’t only un-lid a whole other pleasure field I wasn’t aware of but it also totally improved my overall sexual confidence and performance. Since experiencing prostate massage I have grown in confidence sexually in leaps and bounds- realising that I could access these intense pleasurable orgasms through prostate massage I began to think about what other erotic massage treatments might give me a fresh experience. That’s when I got in to tantric massage, now I’m a new man. I’m calmer, happier and feel as though I’ve grown in to the man I never thought I could be. Even my father commented recently at how impressed he is with my overall conduct on how I live my life. People have noticed how happy I am, how much energy I have, and that, well, it’s all down to prostate massage.


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