The luscious history of Lingam massage

The luscious history of Lingam massage

Lingam massage is one of the oldest erotic therapies there is and thereby, is super rich in history. While many believe it to be a glorified term for a handjob, this isn’t the case at all – there is in fact, more than 500 techniques which make up Lingam massage. Lingam’s roots date back to 4000 years ago in Ancient India. Indian medical practitioners believe the penis to be a ‘wand of light’ and the most sacred spot in the whole male body. They decided that the Lingam should be honoured by the form of massage, which gives the receiver the most glorious pleasure and the upmost respect, both mentally and physically. By massaging the lingam, testicles and prostate, the sensual strokes allow the body, mind and soul to harmonise. This allows the receiver to completely switch off and surrender himself to enjoy pleasure beyond the wildest of imagination. The purpose of Lingam is not to acquire an orgasm, but of course it’s always welcomed due to the euphoria it stimulates.

During the early years, Indian therapists would practice Lingam on gentlemen of high status or ones with stressful jobs. It was considered as a luxurious treatment and was only accessible to those who had money, as a way to unwind and completely relax. As time went on, Northern Asia started to recognise the wonders of Lingam massage. China already had a prominent massaging scene and started to incorporate Lingam teachings into their extensive list of therapies. They believed Lingam massage could help the sick, by relieving stresses, aches and pains. Lingam was flourishing as a medical and recreational massage, but just how did it become as we know today?

Let’s fast forward to the 1950s, when the sex industry was booming in China. The red light districts were not big enough for the demand, which meant sex-workers had to take to the streets to sell their services. However, many residents were unhappy that sex was being sold on their doorstep and called for the authorities to clamp down on the country’s sex trade. The Chinese government listened to their people and thereby saw the only solution to be making sex-work illegal. The red light districts became ghost towns, leaving many unhappy men unable to get their sensual needs fulfilled.

Coco a Lingam massage expert working in LondonDue to losing their trade, but with a client demand still there, the red light workers looked for new ways to sell their services. They realised that if they trained in Lingam therapy, they’d be able to sell massage with additional services, which was totally on side with Chinese law. Therefore the once brothels found in the red lights were transformed into luxurious massage parlours. From the get-go Lingam massage was super popular, especially in the bigger cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin. But how did Lingam massage find its way to the UK?

Well, towards the end of the 1950s commercial flights were becoming mainstream, with more and more men travelling overseas on business. Due to the limited amount of recreational activities enjoyed by Westerners in China, many often visited massage parlours in their downtime. Many immediately took a shine to Lingam massage, as it not only sensationally pleasured them, but also allowed them to unwind after a long day at the office. Due to the love of massage by Western men, many Chinese parlour owners found a gap in the European market to sell their Lingam services. As London is the most bustling city in Europe, many Chinese therapists moved to the bright light city to tantalise the men of London with their finest Lingam talents. Ever since, Lingam is the beating heart of London’s erotic scene. And the rest is history..

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