Lingam for your lover

Lingam for your lover

Many people may have heard of the word lingam but do know what it is or what it means. Basically, a lingam massage is a type of massage that focuses primarily on the penis. However, we do have to remember that a penis is an organ made up of so many different parts that have different levels of sensations and feelings. In this blog post I will explain the anatomy of the male sex organ, or dick if you like to call it, helping you know how to touch and massage it to the point of climax. I will help you become fully equipped at giving a sexy and sultry lingam massage for your partner!

What parts of the penis should we give attention to during a Lingam massage?

Although the penis as a whole is a hugely sensitive organ and many guys do not care whereabouts you touch it as long as you are touching it, there are parts of it that will give them that little flutter in their stomach more than other areas. It is good to know the different parts of the penis and how they work because every guy is different and where they like being touched differs from one man to the next.

a banana shaped like a penis. The penis – This is the long, spongy part of the penis (hard when erect) that is covered in thousands of nerve endings and sensory spots all over it. When a man is aroused, the blood vessels in his penis begin to fill up quite quickly which causes the penis to become harder, rises and usually a lot bigger. This is known as an erection or more commonly a boner.

The glands – The very tip of the penis (sort of looks like a helmet) is called the glans and it holds the most nerve endings that the rest of the penis. Depending on the guy, some men find it quite uncomfortable and uneasy to have the head of the penis touched directly as it is just way too sensitive. On the other hand, many men find it very enjoyable and love it having attention.

The foreskin – Some men have it, some men don’t – Some women love it, some women don’t. All men or born with foreskin but many have it removed due to religious, cultural or medical reasons. It is the skin that covers the head of the penis, some men have more than others and if you are circumcised then you have none at all. When moved up and down you can receive a lot of pleasure and it gently and nicely rubs against the tip of the penis when done in a steady pace then this can cause a lot of pleasure for a guy.

The Scrotum/Testicles – This is the little sack that hangs down below the shaft. The scrotum is the skin that covers and holds/protects the testicles. The testicles hold and produce sperm. The balls are highly sensitive, however when caressed or massage gently they can cause a lot of pleasure. Many women also use their mouth and tongue to gently massage the balls in a sensual way.

So, now that you know the penis and which bits are important, here are some tricks to help you perfect the perfect lingam massage for your partner;

a\ lingam massage should never be rushed; it should be enjoyed by both parties. It is a highly intimate and sensual thing and a perfect way to treat your partner. Although they will be the one feeling the pleasure, you will also feel satisfied and sexy seeing your other half in a state of absolute pleasure. He won’t be able to keep still and his toes will be curling in absolute pleasure. Each guy likes his penis touched in different ways, so test each thing out  a little and pay attention to how he moves and breathes while you are doing it if you notice that his heart races hat little bit more when you are touching one specific area in a certain type of way then give him more of that. Ask him what he wants and if he is enjoying it. Do not just focus on an end goal of making him climax, enjoy every part of it and take him on a sensual journey with you.

Caress and massage the pens with your hands, mouth, lips and tongue in an up and down movement. This steady movement will arouse him more each time you do it and he will reach the point of climax. When he ejaculates why not have more fun and swallow it? It is sure to drive him crazy.

Lingam massages are the perfect way to bring you and your man closer together. You will learn a lot more about his body and how it works, making the pleasure and feeling of the orgasm a lot more heightened. When you are in control, be confident and he will find it so much sexier than you being nervous and fumbling around with his penis. Not got a partner but really fancy a Lingam massage? Why not check out our London based Lingam massage service page where we offer this service and more in London for incall and outcall!