Experience the Show Stopping Four Hands Massage!

Experience the Show Stopping Four Hands Massage!

The world of Asian erotic massage therapy is much like a grand circus…. Fun, exciting, enticing and extravagant. However, instead of dancing elephants and juggling clowns, you have the most beautiful exotic and oriental beauties entertaining you!

If you are looking for some vibrancy in your life then why not try our special “four-hands” massage package? This unique massage style offers customers a chance to be pleased and pleasured by two masseuses rather than the more traditional set up of one.

We decided to talk with two of our masseuses and one of our regular “four hands” massage customers to get an exclusive, in-depth description of what exactly goes down during one of these sessions.

Masseuse 1 – “Being a Four Hands masseuse requires a lot of technique and skill as well as being patient and cooperative with the other therapist. To be a four hands masseuse, first, you need to have mastered your craft as a solo masseuse beforehand. I enjoy performing these sessions because not only can I witness one of my clients enjoy themselves to the highest of levels but I can also learn a lot from the other masseuse. My favourite style of massage to perform a four hands massage with is a lingam massage as it is purely focused around the penis, therefore if the customer has two ladies giving special attention to his man parts then he will experience even more pleasure.”

Customer – “Having four hands massage really is a thrilling yet surprisingly soothing massage style that every man should experience. I prefer when both therapists work on the same area of my body, keeping their movements synchronized and creating extra relief and pleasure. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience or a session filled with orgasmic bliss, four hands massages offer customers a range of purposes. The masseuses begin by creating a calm atmosphere by dimming the lights and using scented candles, which automatically puts me at ease when I walk into the room. This is followed by a body to body massage with their bodies rubbing and pushing against mine to help believe any muscle pain or attention, and arousing me while doing so. Once my body is fully ready then my chosen service will be applied, whether that is a happy ending or full-service massage. Four hands massages are highly versatile and enjoyable for so many reasons.”

Masseuse 2 – “Performing a four hands massage alongside another masseuse is a challenge, but certainly one that I enjoy. I believe that they help you to become a better erotic masseuse and allow you a chance to exchange skills while seeing your customers enjoy a higher level of pleasure than usual. Although many men decide to have their massage performed in a synchronized manner, I enjoy working on one area myself while the other therapist focuses on another area. I believe this enables the customer to enjoy a sensation handjob, while also having their back massaged, what more could you want?”

If you are based in London or are a visitor to this vibrant city and like the sound of our exotic four hands massage package, then we invite you to come and have some fun. Operating daily from 10 am until 3 am from various different areas of central London, our ladies are ready to please and pleasure you from early in the morning until late into the night. 

We boast low, affordable prices while maintaining our 5* rated standard. Our stunning oriental beauties have come to the U.K to use their magic hands on the lovely gentlemen of London. Hailing from Japan, Korea and China, these Asian delights have been trained at some of the most elite massage parlours across Asia. Their natural beauty combined with their hard work and dedication to their profession sets them apart from other masseuses in the industry. Every session will be tailored to cater to your personal needs and desires and you will always be in good hands with our therapists. 

You can contact us via SMS, landline and our friendly receptionist will be available to assist you with any questions or queries you may have in regards to our services. You can also have a look at our Four Hands Massage London service page for more info!