2 Masseuses: a hotel treat

a man getting a 4 hands massage in a london hotel

2 Masseuses: a hotel treat

a man getting a 4 hands massage in mayfair londonComing to London town on holiday or for a business trip? Fancy making sure the good times roll? Then think about booking yourself in for an erotic massage. Interested? Why not really treat yourself and book two girls at once. That’s right, ever fantasised about having a threesome? Well not only could your few nights in London fulfil a lifelong dream; it will be b e t t e r. Why? Because in an average threesome it’s about pleasuring everyone, you might get the short straw, you might get ignored. In an average threesome your partners might be a bit vanilla, they might not be any good, and you could be let down. Booking an erotic massage with two highly trained, attractive Asian sex goddesses, whose job is to solely pleasure you, could you even hesitate, could you resist?

Booking a massage with two masseuses isn’t just having two masseuses give you a massage at the same time; the masseuses synchronize, mirroring each other’s movements creating one fluid, intense motion.

The unique effect of a four hand massage is a mesmerising euphoric state where you will be unable to tell where one hand begins and the other ends, it is a fully body blissful experience that will eradicate any tensions, stress in your muscles. The powerful effect of the four hands synchronized massage is not just the therapeutic impact on your body but also on your mind. The effect of four hands means that your body will be engulfed by massage sensations.  At first you will probably try and work out which masseuse is doing what motion, but as time progresses, your mind will be so absolved in bliss that all thoughts will be on your pleasure. Your body will drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible.

Simply put, having two sets of expertly trained delicate hands caress every crevice of your body, kneading out pain and inciting pleasure is an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

A four-hand massage is fascinating in that the effect of the synchronized massage, with both masseuses mirroring each other, is that it heals both sides of the brain! For instance if one masseuse is working your left shoulder then the other will be massaging your left- sending positive sensations to all of your pain receptors in your brain at once. The effectiveness of this type of massage for aiding recovery is twice as effective as your typical massage. Double the hands, double the benefits, double the fun.  A four hands massage is the equivalent of having two massages. And what perfect way to get you completely de-stressed and aroused for intercourse!

Booking a full service massage means the two girls; in your hour session will give you as many hand jobs, blow jobs as you want! All demands met, you can have sex with both girls at once, any sexual fantasies you might have that involve two girls; this is your moment to live them.

And better yet, with the wonders of the modern world not only can you book a four hands service directly to your hotel; you can select the two girls you would like! As though you’re ordering a pizza, it’s that easy.  So whether you’re on holiday or on a business trip isn’t it time you treated yourself?

For a discreet service in the heart of London, I would recommend you check out our four hands massage service page for London where you will find an array of expertly trained oriental masseuses who specialise in four hand massage and offer a full service package.