Why you need to add four hands Lingam massage to your bucket-list

Suzi and Mai two Asian masseuses that offer 4 hands in London

Why you need to add four hands Lingam massage to your bucket-list

Bucket-lists are a typical thing to make when you’re over 50, but while going to an exotic holiday destination, venturing on a hot air balloon ride over a great wonder or taking part in a bungee jump are hot activities to add as part of your bucket-list, they are super cliché. We want to take your bucket-list from sweet vanilla fun, to an exhilarating thrilling passion. So, how exactly do we do this? Let us introduce you to four hands lingam massage.

Four hands Lingam massage is up there with dinner at the Ritz, a stay at the Savoy and a ride on the Orient Express for being the crème de la crème of luxury services. But what exactly is it? Lingam massage is a treatment which pays main focus to your most sacred area of your body, your manhood. It cuts out the bulls*** as the masseuse pays the whole 60 minutes  to caressing, stroking and cupping your sexual zones, which triggers the most glorious feelings. However, when you add the delicious element of an extra masseuse it only notches up the fun. Having two therapists work in unison to pay attention to your Lingam makes your brain unable to keep up with the unimaginable sensations as you enter a deep state of relaxation. The purpose of Lingam massage is to worship the penis and boy the therapists will do just that.  Your toes will curl, your spine will shiver and your body will shake – you’re guaranteed to have never experienced euphoria like it.

So now you understand what four hands Lingam massage is, why should you add it to your bucket-list?

It can be tailored to your preferences

We all have difference preferences when it comes to what makes our juices flowing in the bedroom. Good Lingam therapists will discuss your weaknesses at the beginning of the session so they’re able to mould the session specifically for you. Masseuses are passionate about all aspects of sensual thrills, so whether you want some intimate romance, some exhilarating adventure or something more rough and ready then they will certainly have it covered. The beauty of having an extra pair of hands means the therapists can really indulge into what drives you wild. Also, when you opt four hands Lingam massage you have the choice of two packages. The go-to is Lingam happy ending, which comprises of the naked Lingam massage followed by hand relief and orgasm.

However, as this is part of your bucket-list you cannot put limitations on your fun. Therefore, you NEED to try the Lingam four hands full service. This treatment is the full feast, comprising of the massage, handjob, blowjob, oral, sex and happy ending. It’s guaranteed to woo you into ecstasy and has your bucket-list’s name written all over it.

It has other benefits

So of course, we understand the undeniable pleasure which comes with Lingam four hands massage, but why else should you opt for this sexy service? Well, the company of two masseuses has proven to boost double the benefits, which can be long-lasting.

Up to 50 per cent of men start to suffer from penis problems when they reach the age of 50. This could be anything from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, to lack of sexual stamina. However, four hands Lingam massage is the natural remedy to solve your penis struggles, so you can for sure, put the Viagra down. Lingam therapists are highly trained in the art of seduction and use a specialised edging technique to get closer and closer to your intimate zones. Once you’re reaching a point of no return, they will manoeuvre their hands (and mouths) to a less sensitive area of your body before repeating the process. This allows you to understand your penis’ abilities and teaches you about self-control. Lingam full service can sure give you the stamina of a porn-star.

It can aid your aches and pains

Aside from boosting your bedroom antics, Lingam massage can also eliminate your ailments. With age, we start to suffer from dreaded aches, pains and niggles – especially in our backs and lower legs. Massaging has proven to boost the body’s natural painkiller endorphins, which disguises the pain signals from entering the brain. And the pain relief doesn’t stop there, orgasms flush out oxytocin which also helps with pain relief. Who knew something so naughty could be SO damn good for your health?

Get Lingam four hands added to your bucket-list

You only get one bucket-list in life and it’s important you add a Lingam four hands massage to it. The service is the crème de la crème of erotic massages – and is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. What more could you want than two smoking-hot masseuses attending to your naked body? It’s guaranteed to fulfil your wildest fantasies and more.

We have various high-class therapists who offer Lingam four hands massage in our plush treatment rooms in Central London. We can also bring the bucket-list fun to your hotel, home or office space with our Lingam outcall service for more info visitor or To read more about our sexy Asian 4 hands Lingam massage in London now service!. For pricing and availability of our gorgeous masseuses please call our friendly and helpful booking team on 02031891731