What is an Erotic Massage?

What is erotic massage?

What is an Erotic Massage?

When most people hear the words “erotic massage” they attach negative thoughts and opinions to it, looking down on people who receive them as well as people who provide them. Erotic massage therapy is a taboo topic, with many people not agreeing with them due to religious or social believes. However, like many other taboo topics, younger generations are making these grey areas a lot more acceptable. When it comes to areas such as erotic massage therapy, once people are educated on the truth behind it and how beneficial they are, the negative outlook is often dropped.

We are very open with our customers and are lucky that many of our regular clients are happy to speak with us about the services they use, the reasons why they do and how it benefits them. Not only does this give us room for improvement but it also allows us to acknowledge all the positive aspects of erotic massage therapy.

We have talked with three of our regular clients about their experience with erotic massage therapy to help you understand what this therapy is and what it can do for you. We hope it helps!

What our interviewees had to say about their Erotic massage experiences and how it made them feel.

Rafael, 24 – “Growing up I always heard about erotic massage therapy but it was something that had a lot of shame attached to it therefore I was too embarrassed to look in to it any further. As I got older my curiosity only heightened and I began researching about it and the different types of erotic massages you can get. I am quite a shy person and this used to affect me when it comes to relationships or any sort of physical contact with women. I used to get extreme anxiety which would often leave me avoiding any sort of sexual contact, or when I was brave enough to go ahead with it I would ejaculate extremely prematurely which always put a strain on my sex life. Luckily since having regular erotic massage sessions, I have learned to calm my nerves and control my mind and body when it comes to being intimae with someone. I usually go for a “Happy Ending” massage as it is quite simple but feels amazing. It starts off with basic touching and a full body to body massage which the masseuse does slowly, easing both my body and mind into things. She is very gentle and does not rush her movements which have taught me to feel at ease. She then uses her hand to provide me with relief and this contact has taught me to control my stamina and last a little longer when it comes to being intimate with other partners. Erotic massage therapy certainly has helped me to overcome my problems in the bedroom both physically and mentally.”

Lionel, 47 – “I was very sexual active in my younger years which was great but it had a serious impact on my sexual stamina and impotence when I started to reach my late thirties. This had a huge impact on my marriage, at a time when you are busy with work and kids then being intimate is often the best way to reconnect with your partner. However, when you cannot be intimate then this causes further problems. My wife and I talked openly about the different solutions to help us overcome my impotence problem and when we researched, erotic massage therapy seemed to be the best option. With the approval of my wife I visited my local Asian massage parlour and had a few sessions of erotic massage therapy. These sessions were not just sexual, but highly spiritual and they helped me to reconnect with my body and enjoy the simple pleasures. Beforehand it took a lot to get me aroused but erotic massage therapy taught me to take pleasure in the smaller touches and caresses.”

Bart, 66 – “I have never been married or had a long term relationship and I think this is due to my career as a pilot as I put all of dedication and passion into this. I do not regret my lifestyle choice but it has made being sexually intimate with someone a little more difficult as I have gotten older. I am very lucky that I live close to an Asian massage parlour that enables me to seek these services so easily and without the hassle or commitment of a relationship. Erotic massage therapy for me is a source of relief both physically and mentally and it helps to reduce my anxiety and stress levels. I also have started to receive prostate massages as part of my erotic massage therapy which not only feels amazing but also has huge health benefits for me too.”

What to book your own Erotic massage in London?

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