VR Erotic Massages – The future just got weird

VR Erotic Massages – The future just got weird

This is an image of a VR device for erotic massageIt’s often been said that whichever medium porn chooses ends up coming out on top (as it were). When porn chose DVD over VHS, that spelt the end of video cassettes. When porn moved online, tv streaming and Netflix became the norm. The next big porn innovation? Virtual reality. VR headsets have become increasingly common, so it was only a matter of time before entrepreneurs of smut saw a big opportunity. VR 360° videos are surprisingly easy to make so it makes perfect sense to look into it, especially when you work in a billion dollar industry.

Technology, in general, has come forward leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and this is showing up everywhere in the adult industry. You can even buy your very own sex robot or ultra-realistic sex doll. Porn videos are becoming more cinematic, now that additions like special effects and better equipment are becoming more accessible. High-quality camera phones mean that pretty much anyone can produce their own porn and have it up on the internet for the world to see in a matter of seconds. Virtual reality puts you in the video – essentially making you the star! Massage roleplay is becoming increasingly popular as a porn genre, and it lends itself to VR perfectly. You can access the sensuality and eroticism in the comfort of your own home, and who knows, maybe you can even use it visiting a massage parlour.

VR can be a handy tool in meditation, or in escaping to fantasy worlds. Imagine escaping to a sunset-soaked desert island while your masseuse gets to work. It could be the next big thing in getting you fully relaxed for your steamy encounter. Or you could simply be watching VR porn while your masseuse pleasures you. In the massage parlour of the future, it may come as an extra service to wear a VR headset during your visit. Or, if we’re getting really ambitious, robot masseuses! Nothing is impossible in a world where people can shoot cars into space!

a VR view from a tantric massage in east londonVR  porn usually involves both a headset and earphones, shutting out the outside world and putting you right into a sexy situation right out of your fantasies. Be warned, though, it may be more difficult to explain yourself if you get caught in the act! Those in the industry are saying it could end up being ‘even better than the real thing’, with 360° settings and HD quality. It would be like having a porn star all to yourself! The further we get into the future, the more sci-fi our pornography will become. Experts are predicting photorealistic holograms, where you can freely move around your surroundings – help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!

At the moment, it may be that high-tech sex is out of the reach of most people. Who can actually afford a custom sex robot? But with VR headsets popping up everywhere, porn, or more accurately, ‘virtual sex’, is becoming more and more readily available.


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