Six tips for getting the most out of your first erotic massage

Six tips for getting the most out of your first erotic massage

Getting the most from your Oriental Erotic Massage

Let’s be honest, what guy would like to indulge his tantalising taste buds into an erotic massage? If you’re considering a visit to an erotic massage parlour then do bear in mind these six tips, to get the most out of your sexy session..

Find an erotic style which suits you

Erotic massage is a generic term for a copious range of delicious styles. It’s important to read through the erotic services available at the parlour before choosing one which suits you best. For the first time erotic massage we recommend a Tantric, Lingam or body to body treatment. Each of these styles are euphorically passionate but can be performed a little tamer if you’re feeling a little nervous. If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker then there’s no harm in booking a style a little naughtier. More adventurous sessions include Nuru, four hands and of course the seventh heaven full service. To discover more information about the massages services then feel free to browse our London massage service pages

Don’t eat anything too stodgy

To make the most out of your erotic massage, it’s important to prepare your body beforehand. It’s important to fast a little before your session, as too much food lying on your stomach will lead to a super uncomfortable encounter and likely lead to you letting go of your bodily functions. (Not what you need when you’re getting down and dirty with a smoking-hot masseuse) If you’re feeling a little peckish before your session then do limit your food intake to a light snack. Fruit, cereal bars and yoghurts are our top recommendations.

Wear comfortable clothes

Erotic massage is an ultra-passionate and pulse-racing encounter from the get-go, as the therapist begins to take your garments off one by one. To make the start of your session run as smoothly as possible (and to avoid any mishaps) do wear comfortable clothing which can be easily slipped in and out of. The less time it takes to get undressed, the more time you have to get frisky with your masseuse. Do we need to say anymore?



Arrive on time

Erotic massage parlours are busy places, with clients coming and going at every hour of the day. Failing to arrive on time for your appointment will likely lead to your session being cancelled or have the duration minimised. This means your therapist will have to rush your massage a little, which will leave the benefits and enjoyment being rapidly decreased.

Communicate with your masseuse

We can’t stress how important communication is for getting the most out of your erotic massage. Ok, so we’re not asking for you to constantly chat to your therapist – but we do insist that you let them know what you enjoy throughout the session. The masseuses won’t be insulted if a stroke isn’t your cup of tea! Small bursts of moaning and groaning can also give the therapist an indication about what’s really tickling your fantasy. A bonus tip is to discuss your sexual preferences with your masseuse before your massage commences. Erotic therapists are wonderworkers at moulding a massage to suit your wildest of fantasies.

Have a shower 

You wouldn’t play a football game without doing a warm-up and you wouldn’t cook bacon without oiling the pan, therefore you shouldn’t come for an erotic massage without having a shower beforehand. Not only will showering make you clean for your massage, but it also soothes and warms up your muscles. This makes them in prime condition for getting down and dirty with strokes of erotica. If you don’t have time to bathe at home or visiting for an erotic massage straight from work then you can always enjoy a complimentary shower at the parlour, complete with free towels and soaps.

Book an Asian erotic massage with us!

So gentlemen, are you ready to take the plunge and drive yourself wild with an erotic massage? Then look no further than our five-star parlours based in the heart of Marylebone, Bayswater and Seven Sisters. Here we have more than 10 erotic styles which are sure going to tease you into ecstasy – which is also available for outcall too! To check which girls are available, find out more about our styles or make a booking call or SMS our English-speaking agents today on 02031891731. Why not have a look at our Erotic Adult Massage London service pages too!