POV- My top 5 favourite massage styles and why

POV- My top 5 favourite massage styles and why

Some people are experts when it comes to cars, football and watches. I on the other hand, am an expert when it comes to erotic massages. Over my time working in London for the last 10 years I have visited numerous massage parlours where I’ve experienced some of the best adult therapies around, allow me to tell you more.

Body to body massage

Let me start with body to body massage, the sweet vanilla of adult treatments and the most obvious go-to style if you’re new to the massaging world, just like getting a Big Mac from McDonalds or ordering a Korona at a bar. It may be the most generic, but it NEVER disappoints. Body to body is essentially a full body massage, but with nothing OFF limits. To begin, the masseuse drizzles warm massage oil all over your naked body and caresses your bare-skin with her smoking hot assets. Your whole physique sizzles into euphoria, as the waves of pleasure build with intensity. Body to body is the massage I opt for the most and I certainly never regret it.

Nuru massage

What can I say, Nuru is the crème de la crème of adult massages. Though it is very similar to body to body, it does take the edge which is why is save it for special occasions, maybe for a birthday or after a deadline kind of thing. Instead of using massage oil, Nuru uses a specialised Nori gel comprising of sea-weed elements. The gel has a super slippery texture which provides immense pleasure when the masseuse is sliding and grinding all over you. Nuru can get super sticky and messy, but there’s no need to worry – as the bodywork offers the chance of an assisted bathing experience to end the session. And I have to say, there’s nothing more spine-tingling than laying in a piping-hot bubble bath being rubbed down by the girl of your dreams. If you’re seeking the full thrills look no further than Nuru.

Lingam massage

a man recieveing a penis massage in Mayfair, LondonNever heard of Lingam massage, then where the f*** have you been hiding? Lingam is the sexiest massage of them all and that’s because it pays all the focus to your penis. In Latin, Lingam is a loose translation of ‘wand of light’ with the ideology being your manhood is the most sacred of your body and by that, should be worshipped. The practice of doing this is by massage. And believe me, there’s nothing more breath-taking than feeling your masseuse’s tantalising soft hands stroking, jerking and cupping your most sensitive area of your body. If I am feeling a little naughtier, I often pay a little extra to incorporate the therapist’s luscious lips into the experience. Lingam massage has given me some of the most powerful orgasms of my life – and it may even do the same for you.

Full service

The clue is in the title, if you’re seeking the full she-bang then full service has your name written all over it. Full service offers the extra delicious elements of oral and intercourse, which easily makes it one of my favourites. To commence, the masseuse will rub you down with your massaging choice. I usually opt for body to body, as it the best way to make my whole physique insanely turned on before the juicier bits. But of course, that’s personal preference and you may find a style which suits you better. The masseuses are experts when it comes to reading your body and know exactly the perfect point for turning up the heat. Indulge into overwhelming pleasure as they navigate their fine bodies over to your intimate zones and begin the raunchy ride. Erotic masseuses are also open to extras, so if there’s something a little more adventurous I want to try I often request it as part of the full service. Once you’ve indulged into this massaging buffet you will never look back!

Prostate massage

Of course, I have left the naughtiest till last – and it doesn’t get much naughtier than a prostate massage. Did you know the prostate gland is the only G spot in the male body? Therefore it’s only fitting that it needs some attention from a gorgeous goddess. Once the masseuse has finished caressing your body, she seductively wets her finger before carefully slipping it inside. The pleasure instantly makes my toes curl and my spine shake as she gently navigates her teasing fingers along the most sensitive part of my body. If a prostate massage doesn’t build you to the climax of your life then I don’t know what will.

Experience these massages for yourself

If you want to try out any of the massages I have mentioned but don’t know where to go then look no further than the *company name* parlour. As well as being insanely gorgeous, the masseuses are friendly, helpful and love nothing more than attending to massaging newbies (I was one once!) They have numerous high-class treatment rooms dotted around Central London as well as offering outcall across the city. As a bit of a massaging guru myself, they get five stars from me! Want your own sexy massage in London? Have a look at our London Asian erotic massage service page.  Or give us a call on 02031891731.