6 Signs You Need An Erotic Massage

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6 Signs You Need An Erotic Massage

Oh, what a good and relaxing feeling it is to have a proper massage – especially a sensual massage. The feeling is awesome, it helps you forget all your problems and will relieve the stress and tensions built up from everyday life. It is important that you go to a masseuse that can do it properly though as a massage done poorly will have you leaving with angst and more pressure.

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Men undergo a lot of stressful situations in their work and home lives. This is more evident to those who work in the high-output environments, and if they do not find a way to relax, it might develop into depression and other mental and physical problems and disorders. Stress and depression cause anger outbursts, social withdrawal, antisocial behaviour, and anxiety. For a woman, living with such a man it can be difficult as you constantly worry about him, his work, your relationship and the family. Sensual massages are a very powerful tool which you can use to help men cool down, relax and feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.



Stress in itself is not bad. In fact, it plays a vital role in our day to day lives and can serve to motivate. When you feel a bit stressed about a presentation you are to make at a board meeting – it can give you the drive to prepare properly. Stress is a response that helps us avoid dangerous situations or prepare ourselves to face an issue. However, the problem arises when the situation(s) cause too much stress. Signs and symptoms of too much stress include constant headaches, finding it difficult to sleep, your blood pressure goes up and other similar symptoms.

Angry Outbursts

Angry outbursts are not a normal occurrence in life. Most people are mostly happy and do not react angrily to trivial issues. A stressed person will act and talk angrily even to the slightest of provocations. A person with anger-related issues may constantly quarrel with their colleagues at work or home. Extreme cases cause aggressive behaviour like breaking things up or picking up fights. Meanness and rudeness also characterize anger outbursts.

Muscular Discomfort

Most people, especially those who work in offices spend much of their times seated. The case is made worse if you have to hunch forward while working on the computer or other equipment. Improper posture causes strain on some muscles while others are not used thus causing them to weaken over time. Another effect of the wrong posture is that it prevents proper digestion of food which might cause constipation and bloating.

Due to lack of movement and inhibited blood flow, the muscles lack enough oxygen which makes them to tightened and fatigued. A sensual massage is very ideal to help blood flow in all the muscles of your body. It is also good for ensuring pressure points which include the neck and shoulders are relieved. A sensual massage can also prevent you from developing a hunch back.

Chest Paints

Chest pains could be an indication of a condition that needs medical attention. It may also be an indication that it is time for you to get a sensual massage. Men are not very good at sharing the issues that affect them and keep it to themselves. Well, that might be the cause of the chest pains too! Whatever the cause of the pain, getting a good sensual massage will help you relax and hopefully get rid of that discomfort.

Some signs of respiratory problems include shortness of breath, allergies, asthma, bronchitis and sinus problems. Since a sensual massage is a full body massage, it will help the muscles at the back and at the front of the upper body breathe better. When these muscles relax through massage, air moves freely in and out, and your breathing becomes less laboured. Since air carries oxygen, after the massage, you will become more energetic since there will be more than enough supply of air in the body.

Anxietyreducing anxiety by getting an erotic massage

An anxious man will display fear, uneasiness, and nervousness. Many things can cause anxiety in a man’s life like work, family, mortgage repayment, and health. Similar to stress there are normal and abnormal levels of anxiety. Abnormal anxiety levels are evident when you react in a disproportional way to the thing causing the anxiety. You may experience high blood pressure or feel nauseated. These are signs of high levels of anxiety. When your man displays these symptoms, it is good to give him an erotic massage.

Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal is brought about by feeling that nobody understands what you are going through. Signs that a man is suffering from social withdrawal is avoiding things that he would normally enjoy doing like going to a baseball game, going to friends’ parties, etc. In worse case scenarios, a man suffering from isolation will want to spend time alone away from his loved ones and close friends.

This reaction is stimulated by the belief that since nobody understands them, it is better to spend time alone. One of the major causes of social withdrawal especially in men is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. To deal with the problem of social isolation, first, address the cause and seek professional help. Another way of helping cope with social isolation as a man is getting a sensual massage. The massage will help you relax, open up and share how you feel. It is also great therapy.

All these signs can be treated to a certain extent by a good sensual massage from a professional. A massage helps release chemicals that your body will naturally release that help you to relax. Since an erotic massage is different from a conventional massage, a man’s sexual organs are also stimulated. The stimulation helps a man to significantly reduce the stress levels he encounters. What’s more, some sensual massages like a Lingam massage increase a man’s sexual drive and performance.

A healthy body and mind are very important if you are to achieve your full potential in your personal, professional and social life. Do you want to enjoy a happy, long life? Treat yourself to an erotic massage at least once a month; it will work wonders in reducing your stress levels and improving your outlook on life.