How Body to Body massage can help your mental health

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How Body to Body massage can help your mental health

Mental health is one of the big topics of discussion of modern day society. Are people receiving the right help? Is the decline of mental health a result of poor understanding? Could we be doing more to help those who are suffering from mental health issues? Events such as mass shootings, terrorist attacks and gruesome murders plague our news at a more of an alarming rate than ever; posing the question: are the available treatments as effective as we’d hope?

The dangers of stress

Studies have shown that massage therapy is an excellent way to combat poor mental health for various reasons. First of all, one of the main components of mental health decline is stress- something which is difficult to avoid in day to day life. However, in most circumstances, it is manageable. Prolonged stress on the other hand, is a whole new kettle of fish, and can result in serious consequences. This is why it’s imperative to minimise stress as much as possible, and one of the ways to do this is through massage therapy.

How can Body to Body massage help?

When you think of stress, what do you think the main causes are? Work? Your relationship? Perhaps your money situation? Of course all of those things can be stressful, but did you ever consider that your sex life (or perhaps lack of) could also damaging your mental health?

Body to body massage is an oriental style which combines traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. Studies have shown that normal massage therapy can be incredibly soothing for the body and can combat stress, anxiety and depression very effectively. But does it address your sexual frustration? No, it doesn’t. A study in Japan found that body to body massage had a positive effect on people suffering from depression. It found that massage relieved psychological distress and also activated participants’’ nervous systems- thus reducing an anxiety and improving their moods.

The science behind Body to Body massage

It may come as a surprise to learn that body to body massages are scientifically beneficial, as well as being incredibly enjoyable and pleasurable. Take hormones for example- for women in particularly, they can affect our moods drastically. One minute we can feel elated, the next we are sobbing. Research from the University of Miami School Of Medicine found that massage therapy impacts the production of stress hormones in the body, thus lowering anxiety, stress and depression. Similarly, massage can also increase the development of good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. As well as this, body to body massage can also:

  • Lower your heart rate
  • Help with high blood pressure
  • Alleviate symptoms of illness and disease
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Give you more energy/ lower lethargy
  • Ease sore or tense muscles

These are just some of the benefits of massage therapy when it comes to tackling mental health issues- but why is sexual touch so important?

The magic of sexual touch a cheap b2b massage taking place in London

Sex isn’t a luxury- it is a necessity. It was essentially what we were made to do. With this in mind, it is important not to neglect the sexual needs of your body- because it can have consequences for your mental and physical state. The science behind sexual touch states that feeling connected to someone- mentally and physically- is essential for happiness. It makes us feel loved, adored and cared for- which are just three of the many reasons why sexual touch is critical. Body to body massage is a style that is all about touch; the clue is in the name. If we want to feel that connection and intimacy that you’re craving, there is no style better suited to fulfilling that need.

To summarise, massage therapy should be a more recognised way to combat poor mental health. It is non-evasive, doesn’t rely on medication and is easily accessible- so why not give it a try and see how it could work for you? And if you’re lacking an exciting sex life that could be making you feel unhappy or stressed, body to body massage is most definitely a style made for you!


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