Body to body Massage Stars in Your Eyes!

Body to body Massage Stars in Your Eyes!

On this week’s special edition we have an exclusive treat for you. Now as you may be aware of all the erotic massage styles available under our roof the one with the most celebrity attention is by far tantric massage.

Now body to body massage is popular with celebrities for a number of reasons. Perhaps because of the grounding nature of the massage style. It is common knowledge that tantric massage is the most effective massage style to get if you are seeking to reconnect with yourself or expand your sexual repertoire.

There’s no real way to determine concretely why B2B massage is popular with those over in Beverley Hills and Hollywood but we can guestimate how it is that it came to be so popular within these exclusive circles. Firstly I do believe in the sheep-like mentality of the stars as with such influential figures such as Sting, Ewan McGregor and Prince William choosing to advocate the massage styles for its health benefits; both mental and physical.

This avocation by such highly regarded and respected figures has encouraged the rest of the Western press to follow suit. It’s almost as if B2B massage has been given a green light, a hall pass, allowing the press and the people an allowance to discuss this erotic massage style despite its sexual and, evidently erotic nature.

The Problems with Erotic Massage and British culture

That is a key problem with Britain’s slow enlightenment with erotic massage is that as a society we fear sex, we fear talking about it, we fear other people talking about it, Christ we fear hearing someone just not quite of ear shot mentioning in it. And if we were to predict why or what reason is behind or fearful relationship with sex, I can only suppose it is because, collectively, as a nation we carry a lot of shame around with us regarding sex.

Perhaps due to cultures handling of sex in the mainstream, perpetuating the violent and dangerous   nature, through rape, coercion and other less than pleasurable representations leave the general public viewing sex as something scary. Similarly the historic British nature, the prudish nature that we are all familiar with has gone along way is skewing general perceptions of sex. By talking about sex in whispers and putting gossip and shame on any persons who were known to be ‘sexually promiscuous’ or even enjoy sex. Where does that leave us? With a society of people too scared to learn about their own bodies.

Celebrites and Erotic Massage

Suki a Japanese B2B masseuse that works for usThis is where the celebrities comes in… with celebrity endorsement, Britain and the West in general, can have some respite, some relief- and some much needed relief at that! The East has the luxury of having such an accepting nature concerning sex. Getting an erotic massage is as widely and acknowledged as say going to the doctors or getting your hair cut. In the East erotic massages have been normalised. People can accept them for what they are- a genuinely health improving and mood settling treatment that will leave even the most exhausted, weathered men with a sense of renewed and reenergised passion for life. Surely the West doesn’t want to miss out on that right?

Well of course we don’t! That being said, we’re still scared. But how do we Brits overcome our fears? Why we send celebrities to do things first! And once it has been given the seal of approval by Jenifer Aniston we too will dip our toes in to the water.

The celebrity endorsement of B2B massage is not the only press attention this powerfully, pleasurable massage style has received. Many fitness and lifestyle bloggers have also reviewed and recommended this massage style to their millions of online followers. I swear the surge of popularity tantric massage received after the Youtube really kicked off was much more significant than that which Sting pulled in when he did his exclusive interview discussing how tantric saved his life.

There’s no telling really why B2B massage is so popular- aside from the fact that it is an extremely pleasurable massage style that can teach you important tips in how edging and building can really improve the orgasm experience. But in terms of Britain beginning to opens its tightly stiff upper lip? I guess we have the internet to thank for that! I mean without the internet you wouldn’t be reading this now! I wouldn’t be writing it- essentially the discussion just wouldn’t exist. And it is through discussion, through sharing, educating and reading that we truly learn how to be our best and reach our highest potentials.

Our Asian B2B Massage service

You might not think B2B massage will change your life, but if a guy like Sting who has everything found that this particular erotic massage style made his life worth living… imagine what it can do to yours?

The possibilities are endless. Why not have a look at our B2B Massage London service page? Or give us a call on 02031891731.