Full service erotic massages… cheating or not?

a persona getting a full service asian massage at a massage parlour

Full service erotic massages… cheating or not?

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A question that circles the World Wide Web in forums and chat rooms persists: ‘is getting a full service erotic massage cheating?’ And really it’s always going to come down to a matter of perspective. Opinions around anything remotely to do with sex have always polarised people and you will never find a clear cut yes or no answer. We’re all different, and thank God for that.

What you can do though, if you’re facing your own crossroads on the subject is listen to a range of perspectives. We learn from listening to others, we learn about ourselves from listening to others because discourse enables us to determine our own judgements.  The more informed we are about something, the easier it is to figure out where we stand.  But sometimes, on subjects of a sensitive nature (like sex) we can’t always talk to our friends or co-workers. Some things, we are told, are private and are not “dinner table” appropriate. This is a toxic problem within our society; sexuality is an important part of our identity thread and being unable to discuss sex has left us, in a way, immobile to full explore and investigate our sexual self.

Thankfully the evolution of the internet has granted the people a platform to openly discuss sexual queries under the private guise of the anonymous internet server. Taking full advantage of this loop hole, today I want to state my stance on whether getting a full service erotic massage is cheating.  The way I see it, an erotic massage does not count as cheating.  Before you start going mad, here’s why…

For starters, erase your conditioned oppressive attitudes towards of sex. We no longer live in a time when you have to be married to have sex. Casual sex is widely accepted because we have evolved to recognise everyone needs sex but not everyone wants to get married. If we have accepted everybody needs sex then if you are in a relationship but for whatever reason are not having sex then why can’t you go elsewhere? If you are out of town, if you’re partner is unwell, not feeling or generally you’re just going through some stuff and you are horny then you should have sex.  When you feel horny that is your body telling you to have sex, it’s not complicated. Your relationship with your partner is a separate thing to your bodily need for release. If anything, relieving yourself through sex can support positive mental/ psychical well-being in a way that could help, even improve your relationship.person recieving a full service massage in london

Let’s get an important thing straight…There’s a massive difference between having an affair and getting an erotic massage. An affair is developing feelings for someone that is not your partner and consummating those feeling through sexual intercourse.  A full service erotic massage is a service provided by a professional masseuse, to relax your muscles and fulfil your sexual needs. You can see what I’m saying right? How can it be considered cheating when at no point in getting an erotic massage are you making plans to replace your wife or partner with a masseuse. Your relationship with your masseuse is professional, she is providing a service, and she is no threat to your partner.

It’d be like saying you are cheating on your partner by eating out with friends, or sharing a car ride with a colleague. Just because you mostly eat and drive with your partner it doesn’t make it exclusive to your relationship, so why should sex be? You can make love with your other half; you can have a wicked orgasm at a massage parlour.

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